Smartphone Experts Side Pouch

The Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) is a beautiful phone. While it feels “sturdy” it still makes me nervous to just put it in my pocket.

Phones scratch, they get dinged and they can break. Having experienced the sticker shock of a new – full price – Galaxy Smartphone Experts Side PouchS3, I would like to protect this phone when possible.


That being said, I like the feel of the phone in my hand sans case.  Fortunately, there is a way to do both.  The Smartphone Experts Side Pouch is a different kind of case that just might work for you.

Smartphone Experts Side Pouch case

A side pouch case, like the Smartphone Experts case, protects your phone when you are out and about, yet when you use your phone, you get to hold it and experience the design and build of the phone without being encumbered by a bulky case.


The Smartphone Experts Side Pouch case is just as it sounds – a pouch that clips onto the side of your belt or pants.  Think BlackBerry holster and that is the design of this case.

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The Galaxy S 3 or most any other Android phone (the Galaxy Note will need a bigger model) slides safely into the pouch and is easily accessible when you need it and protected when you don’t.

side pouch design

The case is made of genuine leather and comes in black, tan or red. The leather is stiff and reinforced on the sides for protection and lined with felt to protect the phone.

There is a magnetic closure and a very sturdy leather belt loop attached to the back of the case. The phone slides in, you close the magnetic lock and you wear the case (and phone) horizontally on a belt or your pants.

The only real fault of this design is when the phone rings – you need to open the enclosure and get the phone out of the case in time to answer it before the caller hangs up.  Depending on the size of your phone and how snugly it is inside the case, this can be a challenge.


When the Galaxy S 3 or other Android phone sits in this case – it is protected. When the phone is inside of the case, it is surrounded by felt closest to the surface of the phone with a harder shell of leather on the outside.

The case should take the brunt of any sort of shock or bump and it will certainly protect the phone from getting scratched (say by keys in your pocket.)  I’m reasonably sure that if you dropped the case with the phone inside, the phone would come out OK.

The four corners of the phone are somewhat exposed in this case and if dropped just the right way, could get scratched. The screen, however, is completely protected.

side pouch on belt

The case does not protect your phone, however, when it the phone is out of the case. So, if you tend to drop your phone a lot – this case won’t really help you since when you are using the phone, it is outside of the case.

Attention to Detail

The Smartphone Experts Side Pouch case is very well made.  I am partial to the feel of a nice leather case and this has that nice leather smell, look and feel. The stitching is even and secure and the leather is not too soft and not to hard.  The belt loop is attached well and the magnetic closure works very well.

The wrap up

The Smartphone Experts Side Pouch case for the Galaxy S 3 and other Android phones is a very nice, classy case.  If you are a former BlackBerry user who used to holster your phone, you will feel right at home with this case.

The good

  • Nice leather feel
  • Good quality construction
  • Sturdy belt clip
  • Fits pretty much every Android phone

The bad

  • It can be tricky to get the phone out of the case
  • The phone is not protected when it is being used

The verdict

As android phones like the Galaxy S 3 get bigger and bigger, this kind of case makes more and more sense. These phone are getting just too big to put into a pocket.  This is a safer way to transport the phone – you just need to be careful when you are using it.

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