Seidio Spring Clip Holster

If you're already using your Samsung Galaxy S6 without a case, then Seidio's Spring-Clip Holster might be an ideal go-to solution for protecting your display from scratches while providing an easier way of answering a call, text or email. It doesn't hide your device behind layers or kickstands — it lets it all hang out.

I've used a handful of different cases for the Galaxy S6 thus far, but haven't experimented with holsters until now. A week into using this spring-clip holster made two things clear for me: I love the quick-draw access you get with this clip, and leaving my Galaxy S6 unprotected — even at my side — makes me a nervous wreck. The latter grants extra caution of my surroundings, though.

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While the Samsung Galaxy S6 can fit both facing in and out, it's definitely designed to be faced in, so the display is safe from damage. There's a soft felt lining on the inside, which has a tendency to pick up any debris that floats in its path, but can be cleaned easily with canned air. The top spring-clip is durable in design, featuring a rubber strip on the inside that sits against the edge of the device, keeping it snug and scratch-free. There seems to be ample room between the top of the Galaxy S6 and the clip itself, so there's no worry of wear on the device.

At the bottom of the holster are two arms that hold the phone — one on each side — and are the base of the entire clip. If you miss seating your device properly here, well, you'll wish you hadn't. The rear swivel clip sticks out only a half-inch, so the entire holster is extremely slim — making the Galaxy S6 look great while clipped in. You can rotate the clip 180° in either direction, and it opens up to 1.25", accommodating most regular belts. It also works great simply clipped to your pocket, which is how I wore mine since I hardly wear belts. It's nice being able to rotate the holster at your side, especially before sitting down. Depending on how comfortable you feel with it on, removing it completely may be more suitable, but I found that just turning it sideways was perfect.

Our take

Seidio's Spring-Clip Holster seems to hold up quite well to consistent use, and would be worth considering for anyone that doesn't care for slapping a case around their Galaxy S6 — bulky or not. With sufficient screen protection and a durable clip to back it up, I'd say Seidio has a well-built product on their hands.

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