Seidio CAPSA TouchView for Samsung Galaxy S5

A durable case option that lets you decide when you need a screen protector

Sometimes you just need a thin case that protects your phone from occasional bumps, and sometimes you need a more serious case like the Seidio Capsa TouchView instead. This three-piece full-coverage case takes protection to the extreme, but honestly doesn't add as much bulk as you'd expect considering how much you get out of it. Read along and see if it could be the right case choice for you and your Galaxy S5.

Seidio CAPSA TouchView for Samsung Galaxy S5

The Capsa TouchView case goes a step beyond the likes of its slim one-piece cases, and is made up of three separate parts. You'll first put a thick rubber shell around your device to absorb against shocks, followed by a hard plastic shell with a soft touch coating on the outside. The third piece is a hard screen protector window that clips in on the left side and flips over onto the front to protect 100 percent of the display.

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The screen protector portion is pretty easily removable if you don't want that much protection all the time, but when you do have it on it clips in on both sides of the display to stay put. A small cutout is made at the bottom to let you click your home button properly, but aside from that this is a complete solution for protecting every millimeter of your Galaxy S5. Seidio warns you may need to turn on "Increase touch sensitivity" (usually for use with gloves) on the phone to get it to register touches, but I had no issues without that setting enabled. That tiny hurdle aside, this is a great solution for someone who needs screen protection some of the time, but doesn't want a fiddly semi-permanent protector on all of the time.

Whether you have the screen protector portion of the case on or not, you're getting extreme two-layer protection for your phone. And as I said at the top of this review, the amount of bulk added is rather minimal considering how much you're getting here. You still get access to all of your buttons and ports, though the power and volume keys are actually covered by the case with small bumps to let you push them properly. That extra thickness also gives you the added bonus of a metal kickstand, as Seidio likes to do, for media viewing or lifting the speaker off of the surface its on for audio playback.

I'll be honest, the extra protection provided by the Capsa TouchView case is not needed or wanted by everyone out there, but those who do need it will know who they are. Many folks out there need 100 percent coverage of their phone — including the screen — during work or when traveling, and this case provides that without keeping you tied down to that screen protector all of the time. The Seidio Gapsa TouchView case will only set you back $34.95 in black, blue or red colors, and considering what it's offering that's not too much to ask.

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