There are a lot of great TVs available this Black Friday, but the Samsung Q60T stands out from the crowd. This TV features Samsung's Quantum HDR technology for one of the best pictures in the game, and has Amazon Alexa built right in for all of your smart home needs.

Samsung Q60T Cropped Render

Great value: Samsung Q60T | $152 off at Amazon

With Samsung's Quantum HDR processor, 4K playback, and Motion Rate 120, the Samsung Q60T is a great pick for anyone looking for a new TV this holiday season.

$598 at Amazon

The truth of the matter is that when you look at the best Samsung TVs there are a lot of great options. Folks are going to be looking for a TV that doesn't break the bank and still provides a great playback experience, making this a fanatic choice for one of the best PS5 TVs.

The Q60T fits the bill, coming in at 43 inches to start, and going all the way up to 85 inches, depending on your needs. With the combination of Samsung's Quantum Processor and Motion Rate 120, you'll never have to worry about dealing with screen tearing while you're trying to play games on your new console.

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Those who aren't exactly looking to pick up a next-gen console this holiday season, are still going to be thrilled with the Samsung Q60T. This TV is equipped with 4K AI Upscaling, meaning that your older 1080p movies are going to still look fantastic on the big screen. And you can even turn your TV into a piece of art with Ambient Mode, allowing you to customize the slideshow to show off your favorite pictures.

Samsung is known for some of the best TVs around, and while this may not be the "mac-daddy" option, the Q60T is still quite a great option. Add in the savings for Black Friday, with its 20% discount, and you have a no-brainer.

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