Following its informal announcement last week, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced an official recall of the Galaxy Note 7. The official notice from the CPSC says that "about 1 million" Note 7s were sold prior to September 15, and claims there have been 92 official reports of Note 7 batteries overheating or exploding.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The official recall, stemming from cooperation between Samsung and the U.S. CPSC, comes weeks after Samsung voluntarily started recalling and replacing phones. Still, the recall up to this point hasn't gone particularly smoothly thanks to the multitude of moving parts and retailers involved.

Samsung has voluntarily recalled phones for weeks, but it had to be official at some point

Now that it's all official on a governmental level, it means there are now strict (though tough to enforce) restrictions on being able to bring recalled units onto planes in the U.S. Naturally there are also edicts against importing the phones until the problem is deemed to have been resolved. The same restriction will also get every branch of the retailers and carriers that sold the Note 7 to cooperate and get phones swapped out.

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The rest of the CPSC's official recall notice is a recap of things we already knew. It lists the various phone numbers to call in order to return your Note 7 to the carrier or retailer you purchased from, as well as how to contact Samsung directly for a replacement.

In a statement given to Android Central, Samsung claims "replacement devices will be available in the United States at most retail locations no later than September 21, 2016."

Though many people have already turned in their Note 7 for a refund or an impending replacement, the hope here is that an official recall with the CPSC will get those hanging onto their phones to head into a store and get it replaced. The sooner we can all get our Note 7 turned in, the better.