Samsung 387

When is a store not a store? Apparently when it's Samsung 837, which is opening later tonight in New York City. The 55,000 square-foot space will show off a ton of Samsung products, but people who go inside won't be able to actually buy and Samsung smartphones, tablets, TVs or other devices from the company.

According to Mashable, the three-floor store will include a massive screen that consists of 96 55-inch displays from Samsung. All of them are connected to form one screen that the company says is the world's largest interactive display

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There's also the VR Tunnel, which people can enter to find their Instagram photos covering the walls:

Before you enter the tunnel, you're instructed to enter in your Instagram handle. Then you walk through a tunnel where all of your photos, hashtags and Instagram descriptions are projected against screens that literally cover the entire space. The floor and ceiling are mirrored, giving off a truly sci-fi effect.

There are also stations where users can try on a Samsung Gear VR headset and there's even a support section where people can bring in smartphones and tablets to be serviced and more. However, while employees at Samsung 837 will help visitors find places to purchase products from the company, it won't actually offer a way to just go and buy a Galaxy S7.

Source: Mashable