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What you need to know

  • LG Chem previously helped Samsung with batteries for the Note 10 series.
  • The Galaxy S lineup could have a version with a battery capacity of at least 5,000 mAh.
  • The largest battery from the Galaxy S10 lineup was a 4,500 mAh unit in the S10+ 5G.

Rumors of the upcoming Galaxy S11 phones from Samsung are starting to pile up, and today we get one in terms of who may be helping with the batteries. PhoneArena reported today that LG Chem looks to be on board to aid Samsung with the power cells in its upcoming S11 devices.

Rumored Galaxy S11 batterySource: PhoneArena

In terms of capacity, LG Chem is already the world's largest producer of lithium-ion batteries and it isn't the first time that they will supply Samsung with batteries for its phones. While this will be the first time a battery with LG on it is going to appear in a Galaxy S device, Samsung did use LG in the Note 10 lineup. Aside from Samsung reaching out to another company to supply a component in a major device, the other bit of news is the rumored battery capacity for the S11 lineup.

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Galaxy S10 vs S11 batteriesSource: PhoneArena

The Galaxy S10 lineup had batteries that ranged from 3,100 mAh in the S10e all the way up to the 4,500 mAh in the S10+ 5G. Rumors have the S11e starting at 3,730 mAh with the S11+ hitting 5,000 mAh — which would be the largest ever used in a Galaxy S device.

With 5G upcoming, potentially 120Hz displays, and whatever other tricks Samsung has up its sleeves, a big battery will be welcomed with open arms, I'm sure.

Taking notes

Galaxy Note 10+

Do you have a S Pen handy?

The Galaxy Note 10 phone has continued Samsung's track record of pushing the trend of top end specs and amazing performance. With a class-leading display paired with the S Pen making this the ultimate production and entertainment phone.

Galaxy S11: Everything you need to know

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