Samsung Galaxy S5

The where and the how much if you're looking to pick up a Galaxy S5 in the UK

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is officially with us, and those folks who didn't jump on the pre-order wagon might naturally be wondering where they can buy one from.

The good news is; you can pretty much buy one everywhere. Major carriers and retailers all want to sell you the Galaxy S5, and while SIM-free pricing is largely the same across the board, there are a few deals across the different sellers.

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So, here's a quick roundup of the where and the how much, UK edition. Head on past the break for more.


  • Three: Available for £549.99 (plus an initial top up of either £10 or £15) on pay-as-you-go. All-you-can-eat data available from £38 a month, rising to £41 adding all-you-can-eat minutes. £29 up front payment for the phone in both instances. Black and white versions only to begin with.
  • Vodafone: Vodafone claims an 'exclusive' on the Gold variant, but that only seems to last until sometime in mid-may based on other retailers. Vodafone is also pretty expensive, costing £42 a month with a £19 payment for the phone for just 1GB of data with unlimited calls and texts. To get 4GB of data and a 'free' phone you'll be handing over £52 a month.
  • O2: O2 will sell you a Galaxy S5 on pay-as-you-go, but you don't want to buy it. Because it's £650. The best looking offering on its O2 Refresh contract plan is the £43 a month deal with no upfront cost for the phone and 5GB of data per month. Add another £5 a month to that and you'll snag 8GB of data.
  • EE: With a £20 upfront payment you can snag a Galaxy S5 with 10GB of data for £48 a month (with access to double speed 4G LTE) and £53 buys you 20GB of data. No pay-as-you-go option at this point.


  • Carphone Warehouse: Grab a SIM free Galaxy S5 for £569.95, again only in only the black or white variety at launch. Blue will follow on April 22 with gold coming towards the end of May. Carphone Warehouse will deal with a bunch of different carriers and deals, so the best bet is to take a look and see what they can offer you in the way of upgrades or new contracts. Carphone Warehouse is also offering an extra £100 cashback when you trade in certain phones against the Galaxy S5, so well worth a look.
  • Phones 4U: Same deal as Carphone Warehouse. SIM free is £569.95 in black or white, with blue expected from April 17 and gold following in May. Again Phones 4U deals with a whole bunch of carriers and contract deals, so pop along and see if they're offering anything that takes your fancy. Contract buyers will get £25 to spend in Google Play and a free Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch thrown in to the bargain.
  • Clove: Clove originally expected to be shipping the Galaxy S5 today, but sends word that Samsung has delayed the shipment of their stock. As such they expect to ship next week. You're still able to place orders, and will get a competitive price of £522 for the black, white or blue Galaxy S5.
  • Handtec: Still showing as up for pre-order, so stocks may have fared the same fate as Clove. Again you'll be looking at £522 for a black or white model, but Handtec will take pre-orders still for blue and gold versions for when they become available.
  • Argos: Not perhaps the first place you'd think of for a great deal on a phone, but Argos is selling the SIM free black and white Galaxy S5 for £549.95. That's a healthy £20 cheaper than other high-street UK retailers. The blue one will be in stock from next week.
  • Tesco: Tesco will sell you both a SIM free unlocked Galaxy S5 as well as one on a pretty competitive contract. £560 buys you it outright while £38 per month with no up-front payment will get you one on T-Mobile with unlimited everything and a free Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch.
  • Currys PCWorld: Not the first place you'd head for a phone, but the Dixons Group retailer will sell you a SIM free Galaxy S5 in black or white for £549.99. A little cheaper than the high street phone shops and you can have one reserved at or delivered to your local store.

So, those are some of the popular options, along with some of the better SIM free prices you'll find across UK online retailers. Of course there are the smaller MVNO carriers out there, so if you come across a particularly good deal, be sure to share it with us in the comments below!

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