Swipe style scanner embedded in the physical home button

Mobile World Congress

We're just 7 days away from what we expect to be the grand unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and we're hearing yet more apparent details about the new device. The folks at SamMobile have reportedly got their hands on some juicy inside information that claims there will be a swipe style fingerprint scanner embedded into the home button. Oh, and that there will still be physical buttons.

It's also claimed Samsung's fingerprint scanner will have increased functionality when compared to something like Apple's Touch ID. You'll be able to link up 8 fingerprints, but you can also assign said prints to certain tasks like launching apps. Swipe sensors aren't perhaps as user friendly as the static sensor in Touch ID, perhaps even less so on the home button. But they are secure.

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In addition, SamMobile goes on to state there will also be a Personal folder and a Private Mode where you will be able to hide apps and content that can only be accessed by a password or by your fingerprint. Of course, until we see it all for ourselves in 7 days treat it with the usual dose of skepticism, and we'll be live from Barcelona to tell you all you need to know.

Source: SamMobile