The Galaxy Note 9 launched in the U.S. in two color options: a stunning blue and standout purple. But it isn't like Samsung to just release a phone and let it be — there are always enticing new colors coming out. That's why the company is announcing two new colors, "Cloud Silver" and "Midnight Black," for the U.S. market.

Galaxy Note 9 Galaxy Note 9

Cloud Silver is an altogether new color for the phone, and the U.S. is actually the first market in the world to get it. It has an interesting two-tone look with a standard silver glass back but a very subtle light blue metal frame to balance it out. Samsung's done this sort of subtle two-color look several times before, and it definitely catches the eye.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Midnight Black, which is pretty self-explanatory. It's the same black-on-black look you get from the Galaxy S9 today, with black glass and an equally dark painted metal frame to match.

Cloud Silver is slightly exclusive, but you won't have any issues getting either one for the carrier you need.

Even with these new colors available, the original blue is still the only one that comes with a contrasting S Pen. The new black and silver models have S Pen colors to match the exterior of the phone, with the majority of the stylus looking like the glass portion and the end cap looking more like the metal's finish. Bummer.

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Samsung's making things slightly awkward with the rollout of the new colors. Because Cloud Silver is making its international debut, you'll only be able to get it from Best Buy and — sales open up on October 5. The more banal Midnight black will launch on major carriers and through all of the retailers you expect, including, a week later on October 12. The storage-thirsty among us will have to wait until October 26 to get a 512GB storage model.

These new colors aren't enough to make someone run out to the store and get a Note 9, but for anyone who was researching the phone and on the fence, a couple new color options could push some people over the line — particularly as we head toward the holiday season.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9


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