What you need to know

  • First images of the USB-C headphone dongle for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have leaked.
  • The dongle is expected to be included in the box.
  • There is no word on when or if it might go on sale separately or how much it would cost.

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 less than a week away, the leaks just keep on coming. This next one comes courtesy of SamMobile and shows off Samsung's USB-C to 3.5mm dongle.

As with most other dongles, there isn't much to see here. One end features a USB-C connector to be inserted into your phone, while at the other end is a 3.5mm jack for your wired headphones. The dongle does appear to offer a tapered end for each connector, which will probably make it more durable than some other dongles (such as the ones sold by Google).

The new dongle is expected to come in the box along with the other Note accessories, but there is no word on the price in case you'd like to purchase one separately. Most other companies charge between $9 and $11, so you can expect the price to be similar if/when it goes on sale.

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The dongle confirms the death of the headphone jack in Galaxy Note lineup, not that we didn't know already from all the previously leaked renders. Still, it's gotta hurt for those of us clinging onto the headphone jack, myself included.

Samsung has long been one of the few remaining holdouts for the headphone jack. Now that the Note 10 is dropping it, this could be the end of an era. It makes it all that more likely that future Samsung flagships won't include one, such as the Galaxy S11.

However, there is still a chance Samsung could resurrect the headphone jack, and it wouldn't be the first time it went back on a design decision. Taking a look back at the Galaxy S6, which launched without the microSD card slot, the next year Samsung reversed the decision and added it back into the Galaxy S7.

Realistically, however, that's not likely to happen in this situation. All we can do is hang on for high-quality Bluetooth headphones and clutch to our dongles for now.

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