Samsung Galaxy Fold

Best answer: Samsung's Premier Service offers Galaxy Fold customers 24/7 access to Samsung experts for "tailored guidance and support over the phone any time, any day." There's also an on-boarding session that gets Galaxy Fold up to speed on all the capabilities of the phone.

What is the Galaxy Fold Premier Service?

After several rounds of delays, Samsung has relaunched the Galaxy Fold. The phone is going up for sale in Korea on September 6 and will be available in the U.S. starting September 27, and Samsung is touting the Galaxy Fold Premier Service as a seamless way for Galaxy Fold owners to know more about the capabilities of the foldable phone. Galaxy Fold owners will get 24/7 access to Samsung experts online or over the phone should they run into any issues, and Samsung is also offering an optional one-on-one on-boarding session to set up the device and walk customers over all the new features on offer.

The Galaxy Fold is set to retail for just under $2,000, so it makes sense for Samsung to provide tailored support to customers picking up the phone. The move not only lets Galaxy Fold customers find quick resolutions for their issues, but it also allows Samsung some leeway to deal with any hardware problems along the way.

Google also offers a similar service for its Pixels, with the option to contact customer service baked into the phone settings. It will be interesting to see what approach Samsung takes, but it is likely there will be a dedicated app for the Premier Service that's pre-loaded on every Galaxy Fold.

Who will be able to access the Galaxy Fold Premier Service?

For now, the Premier Service is limited to the Galaxy Fold. But with the Note 10+ retailing for $1,100, it is possible we could see Samsung extend the Premier Service to its other flagships. We should know more once the service goes live later this month.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Samsung has fixed all the issues plaguing the Galaxy Fold, and the foldable phone is ready to make its debut once again. This time, Samsung is offering a Premier Service that will give Galaxy Fold owners 24/7 access to Samsung experts online or over the phone should they run into any issues.

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