... And that's it for us from San Francisco. We spent the week at Samsung's second developer conference, by all accounts an upgrade from last year's inaugural event. Bigger, having moved from a Union Square hotel — where you'd find yourself hustling up and down what felt like back staircases from the floor to the sessions — to the much more spacious Moscone West, home of the likes of Google I/O and other events. Better because there were many more sessions and workshops, and by most accounts relayed to us the developers on hand got quite a wealth of information.

And, perhaps surprisingly, there was quite a bit of talk of open platforms, especially when it comes to connecting all the things. Talk is just that, of course — talk. But Samsung (and others in the connected space, to be sure) are correct in that it's going to take an open system to truly produce this Internet of Things.

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For our part, we scored a few interviews with one of the conference's organizers, as well as some of the attendees, including the CEO of SmartThings, which recently was acquired by Samsung and will play a large part in its connected future. Have a look at the playlist above, and check out all the stories at our SDC14 page.