Quick look at Samsung's wallet case for the Note 5

Samsung's Wallet Cover Folio for the Galaxy Note 5 may not be the most protective of case options, but it's designed well, and is highly functional. When looking for cases, everyone's needs are different — some want protection while others look to make things easier for themselves.

Having used the Galaxy Note 5 without a case for a while already, and having no issues with keeping the phone safe, I was in the market to reduce clutter, and wanted a way to carry my ID with me without always needing my wallet.

Galaxy Note 5 Wallet Case closed

Whether you're looking to carry just your phone and credit card into the gym, or your phone and ID to meet a friend at the bar, Samsung's wallet case option will meet your needs. The case will only hold a single card, which is a bit less than ideal for many, but this helps keep it nice and thin. On the outside is a leather-like material that both feels good in the hand, and provides a bit of extra grip when holding the phone.

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Getting the case on the phone is dead simple, all you have to do is place either the left or right side of the phone in first, then press the opposite side in. The back side of the case features four clear plastic clips that hold the phone in place with a soft velvet-like cloth on the bottom. Once in the case, you still have quick and easy access to all the ports, volume rocker, and the S Pen without anything blocking it. Removing the case is almost as easy as installing it, all you have to do is pull down gently on one of the clips, and slowly work your way around the case until the phone is freed.

On the outside is a leather-like material that both feels good in the hand, and provides a bit of extra grip when holding the phone. Since the volume keys are covered when the case is in use, Samsung has put an embossed plus and minus sign over them, so you can quickly identify where they are when you need to use them. The camera cut-out is large enough to not block any of the camera or the flash, allowing you to still quickly and easily capture amazing images from the camera.

The flip portion of the case also has a built-in magnet, which puts your Galaxy Note 5 to sleep when the cover is closed, and wakes the screen when you open it. While it may be a small feature, it is handy to be able to flip the cover open and see what's on the screen, especially considering there is no LED cutout when the case is closed.

Overall, the case is a great purchase for anyone looking to be able to easily carry a credit card or ID with their phone. This doesn't mean it's without flaw though, as there are a couple of things that would make nice additions to the case. The first one, as previously mentioned is that it only holds one card. While its nice to keep it thin and simple, a second card would be nice so you could carry both an ID and credit card, but that isn't much of a deal breaker.

Second, there is no LED notification light cutout on the front of the case, so when it's closed it blocks the blinking light. That LED makes it easy to see when you have notifications, and since its blocked you have to open it to check your phone, which again isn't a huge deal.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 wallet case is priced at $35 at Amazon, and makes a great addition to the phone. It adds functionality without the bulk, and keeps a clean and professional look as well.

$35 at Amazon

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