Qmadix Metalix Snap on cover


There are lots of ways to both protect your Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) and also give it a distinguishing look with many of the newer cases on the market. The Qmadix Metalix Snap-On cover gives you an additional distinguishing feature – a kickstand on the back that works in both portrait and landscape modes.

Most kickstand cases only allow you to rest the Galaxy S3 in landscape mode – which is great for watching a movie. There are times, however, when you want to use the phone in portrait mode – perhaps when using the Phone app.

Qmadix Metalix Snap-On Cover


The Qmadix Metalix Snap-On Cover is a one-piece design that covers the back and sides of the Galaxy S3.  

This is an all-plastic, hard cover. This is not made of sophisticated materials like acrylic, TPU or other rubberized durable materials.  This case is, as the name suggests, more of a “cover” than a “case.”

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That’s not a bad thing if you are looking to avoid the occasional ding or scratch and what you really want is to add style to the phone.

side view

This cover is just plastic, but it feels very hard and durable and it offers a very unique design on the back. In the middle of the back of the case is a metallic plate which really gives this cover a unique design.

Towards the bottom of the metallic plate, there is a plastic kickstand.  You pry open the kickstand with your finger nail and then the kickstand locks into place.  As mentioned above, you can use the kickstand in both portrait and landscape modes and it was very sturdy in either mode. When you are done with the kickstand, it just clicks back into place.

The case has cutouts for the Volume and Power buttons and the headphone jack and charging port.  The case stops just where the aluminum strip on the Galaxy S3 meets the plastic back.


The Qmadix Metalix Snap-On Cover is designed to provide some protection for your phone. It will protect against scratches and dings, but it won’t survive a long drop like a rubberized two-piece case like those offered by Incipio or Seidio.

It extends very slightly over the side edge  - not enough that the phone will rest on the case as opposed to the glass if you turn it over.

The cover is thick enough that it also protects the camera lens and flash and speaker – so that if you lay the phone on its back, it rests on the case and not the lens.

Using the kickstand also offers additional protection so that the phone never really has to lie down at all.

kickstand in portrait mode

Attention to detail

The Qmadix Metalix Snap-On Cover is well made, as have all Qmadix cases I have tested. It doesn’t look cheap, it feels solid and all the cutouts were done quite well.

The kickstand is well integrated into the design and functions just as you would hope. When extended it clicks right into place and feels quite secure.

My only issue with the design and detail was when it came time to close the kickstand. It does not close with the same ease with which it opens – each side of the kickstand needed a good push to make it click into place.

The wrap up

The Qmadix Metalix Snap-On Cover for the Galaxy S3 adds style to the phone without adding too much bulk. It offers protection from scratches and dings, but not against a full drop. The kickstand makes watching a movie a real joy on the Galaxy S3.

The good 

  • Kickstand is a great feature
  • Well built and executed
  • Adds nice style that is different from other cases 

The bad

  • Kickstand is tough to close
  • Hard plastic is a bit slippery

The verdict 

If your goal is to add style to your Galaxy S3 with a case that is different from most, take a look at the  Qmadix Metalix Snap-On Cover. The added benefit of the kickstand makes your phone more versatile which is worth the price of the cover.

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