In early 2018, it's hard to go about your life without hearing someone talk about "fake news." This is something that's mostly debated in the political realm, but it can also find its way into the tech world, too.

Most recently, user D13H4RD2L1V3 took to the Android Central forums to debunk a video that some of you have likely seen making its way around various sites. The video claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8's S Pen can cause cancer as a result of electric signals, and this is nothing but 100% baloney.

As D13H4RD2L1V3 points out:


So, you may or may not have seen a video where it is claimed that S Pen causes cancer due to the phone detecting the S Pen when it is close to the display, issuing concerns about radiation. Well, let me debunk this. First of all, all mobile communications devices produce a form of radiation that is considered to be non-ionizing. Compared to ionizing radiation, which can cause cancer when...


Following this, some of our other forum users responded with the following:


This is what happens when iPhone sales drop, fear advertising starts. You are correct, the signals are all around us all day long every day.


It may give you cancer... If you ate the S-pen, or some silly thing like that.


1. Electromagnetic radiation is still radiation, but it's the non-ionizing kind. (The light from a light bulb is more dangerous - it's just that the amount is so small that a lifetime under a 100 Watt light bulb won't even give you a tan.) 2. Non-ionizing radiation isn't just a weaker form of radiation, it's a different type of radiation. It's like eating arsenic. Chemicals can kill you. ...


Along with letting this serve as a reminder to be smart about where you get your news from, we'd also like to hear from you — What's the craziest tech-related fake news you've come across?

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