What color Pixel 6a should you buy?

Google's affordable entry to the Pixel 6 series is here, and it is available in three beautiful dual-toned colorways. Choosing the right color variant of the Pixel 6a may be confusing, but fear not, for we are here to help. 

While we're lamenting the lack of the coral and beige hues in the Google Pixel 6a, the available colors aren't anything to scoff at either. The bold design introduced in the Pixel 6 series is still there, making for an exciting look featuring a dark camera bar on the back and two-toned tints. Let's look at all the available shades before jumping into the deciding factors.

Pixel 6a colors that you can buy

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Choosing the right Pixel 6a colorway

Devices made by Google always tout a minimalist design and soothing tones. The Pixel 6a does things by the book, available to you in three assorted colors. You can choose this mid-range phone in Sage, Charcoal, or Chalk. While the dark Charcoal variant is nearly identical to the Google Pixel 6 in Stormy Black, the other shades are a just a touch different.

The Google Pixel 6a in Chalk is a greyer edition of the Pixel 6 Pro in Cloudy White. Meanwhile, the minty Sage colorway takes a leaf out of the Google Pixel 6's book and mixes in more ashy tones to the Sorta Seafoam shade. Now that you're familiar with all the colors of the Pixel 6a, let's get down to business.

Choosing the color of your lovely new Android phone is a big decision. You don't upgrade your phone everyday, and that's okay because you don't need to buy a new phone so often anymore. Sure, you'll probably just throw a case on your Pixel 6a for the most part, but it's still a significant personal purchase for yourself.

To choose the right color, always go with your gut I say. Pick something that excites you, a color that makes you happy. Go for a shade that you're really fond of, even if it's not the most popular colorway of the Pixel 6a. 

If you can't pinpoint a color that stands out to you, look at your other purchases or perhaps devices you want to buy in the future. Coordinate the color of your Pixel 6a according to those things and you won't feel disappointed with your choice.

For instance, I'd like to purchase the cutesy Pixel Watch once it comes out. I am very taken by the light green colorway of the upcoming Google smartwatch, so I'd go for the Sage Google Pixel 6a personally. 

But that's my decision, and if you want a pair of Pixel Buds Pro or the Galaxy Watch 4 to go with your Pixel 6a, why not match them? If you have any wearables or accessories that you're in love with and use all the time, grab the Pixel 6a in similar colors.

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