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Which color Samsung Galaxy A53 should you buy?

The value-packed Samsung Galaxy A53 is here and you can buy it in four different shades. There are 5G and non-5G variants too, depending on your region. North American buyers cannot choose anything but Awesome Black for now, as other color options aren't available there just yet. If you're in other regions though, we suggest bright and fun pastels such as Awesome Blue and Awesome Peach.

The many faces of the Samsung Galaxy A53

So many colors to choose from

Samsung did not change the look of its Galaxy A series dramatically with the 2022 iteration. We're not complaining in the least though. The minimalist plain matte coating on the back of the Samsung Galaxy A53 has a pleasant look and it feels great to touch. The polycarbonate back stays free of touch marks and dirt, even on the lighter colorways. For a mid-ranger, this phone gets top marks in the design department.

With a flat display and sides, the Galaxy A53 offers a comfortable and easy grip when holding the phone. Contrasting the matte, paint-like finish, the Galaxy device's frame sports a shiny metallic finish. It glints subtly when it catches the light, without being too loud and out there. This is a mature look but Samsung managed to keep things from being too sensible and boring.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 is one of the best affordable Samsung phones out there. If you don't like attention-grabbing or splashy shades, we'd suggest you grab the plain Jane Awesome Black or Awesome White finish. On the other hand, if you want to embrace the A series look and feel, the fruity Awesome Peach and the powdery Awesome Blue are both serious eye candy.

Then again, if the color of your Galaxy A53 isn't as important as the price, we'd suggest Awesome Blue. This baby blue shade looks sweet and it costs a bit lesser in some regions such as the U.K. and Australia. Another smart idea to make your phone more likable is to get a fabulous case for it. The best Samsung Galaxy A53 phone covers give it a fresh coat of paint and a livelier dress-up. Phone cases are essential for prolonging your phone's lifespan, so be sure to grab a nice and sturdy one.

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