Poll: With the iPhone 14 launch, purple is definitely in this season. Who did it best?

The iPhone 14 Pro, Motorola Edge 30 Neo, Sony Xperia 1 IV, and Samsung Galaxy S22 in pruple
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Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 in a gorgeous green colorway that was definitely blue, depending on how you looked at it. Then, Apple followed up with a mid-cycle launch of the iPhone 13 in two new green colorways. It wasn't Apple's first green smartphone, but it definitely warranted some comparisons. 

Now, it looks like purple is the hot new color of late 2022, as noted by the iPhone 14, recent Galaxy phones, and even Motorola.

Between the iPhone and some of the best Android phones to launch this year, which do you think has the best shade of purple?

The iPhone 14 just launched, and with it are two new purple colorways. The standard model gets a very light purple, almost like a lilac, while the iPhone 14 Pro has a darker, two-tone Deep Purple colorway.

Meanwhile, Samsung beat Apple to the punch by launching a mid-cycle refresh of the Galaxy S22 in a new Bora Purple colorway, which the company says is a celebration of previous purple phones it launched throughout the years. The new colorway is also available on the company's Galaxy Z Flip 4. Like last year's green, Bora Purple on the S22 seems to shift depending on how you look at the device from different angles.

Earlier this year, the new Xiaomi 12 series was launched globally, with each model receiving a light purple hue on the phone's smooth matte glass.

More recently, Motorola launched its latest smartphones, with the entry-level Edge 30 Neo receiving a rather striking purple colorway dubbed "Veri Peri." The company even entered a multi-year partnership with Pantone, the "global authority on color," to bring new colors to its devices, starting with the Edge 30 Neo.

Lastly, while purple is often a staple of Sony's flagships, we had to throw the Xperia 1 IV into the mix. It comes in a subtle violet colorway that almost appears gray, and somewhat resembles the iPhone 14 Pro's Deep Purple.

With these launches, it's become clear that purple is the hot new color of the smartphone launch season, so of course, we're curious about what our readers think. Drop a comment on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and let us know which purple you like best, and what other colors you would like for smartphone OEMs to introduce or bring back.

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