Mint Mobile deal is now carving $180 off the Google Pixel 8 AND giving away six months of free wireless, just for kicks

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It's official: T-Mobile now owns Mint Mobile, but that hasn't stopped the popular MVNO from dropping major deals on some of our favorite phones. For example, you can now buy the Google Pixel 8 with ANY six-month deal at Mint Mobile and score a whopping $180 discount alongside six additional months of wireless service for free. 

This means that you can get one of our favorite phones AND a full year of T-Mobile-powered wireless service for just $30 per month on the Unlimited plan when you pay through affirm (or $699 upfront). 

Google Pixel 8 128GB:$699 $519, plus six months of FREE wireless with any six-month plan at Mint Mobile

Google Pixel 8 128GB: $699 $519, plus six months of FREE wireless with any six-month plan at Mint Mobile

Buy the Google Pixel 8 alongside any six-month data plan at Mint Mobile and the carrier will hook you up with a $180 discount AND six months of additional wireless at no cost to you. That's 50% off a year of great coverage on T-Mobile's vast 5G network, not to mention a huge discount on a stellar Android device. If that's not the best Google Pixel 8 deal on the web today, I don't know what is. 

Since its unveiling last October, the Google Pixel 8 has reigned as one of the best flagship devices on the market, pairing the efficiency of the Tensor G3 chipset with AI-powered software features and seven years of OS updates guaranteed. As a Pixel, you can also expect cutting-edge camera technology straight out of the box with one of the best portrait modes that we've ever used. Sure, it may not get as much attention as the more-powerful Pixel 8 Pro, but if you're looking for something simpler (and more affordable), you can't go wrong with the base model Pixel 8. 

Mint Mobile, if you're unfamiliar, is a popular MVNO carrier that sells wireless service in 3, 6, and 12-month increments of time, utilizing T-Mobile's vast 5G network to bring excellent coverage to users at a much lower cost. In fact, Mint Mobile ranks among our favorite MVNOs because of its simplicity, vast coverage area, and bountiful deals. You also get free calls to Mexico and Canada, a mobile hotspot included with all plans, and compatibility with a wide assortment of devices.  

If this offer sounds familiar to you, it's probably because it's just the latest in a string of bundle-focused Mint Mobile deals that we've seen this year. The Pixel 8 Pro and new Google Pixel 8a have received similar deals with $440 off and $100 off, respectively, so if you're a Pixel fan, take note. 

If you're still feeling undecided about Mint, it's worth noting that Visible comes at a close second when you're looking at cheap alternative carriers. See how the two companies compare in our Mint Mobile vs. Visible guide. 

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