Galaxy S23 FE gets shown off in leaked promo videos

Galaxy S23 FE teaser
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What you need to know

  • A couple of leaked Galaxy S23 FE promo videos show off the device's cameras and display "for binge-watchers."
  • The videos give us a decent look at the device's bezels, which appear thin despite previous rumors suggesting a thicker size.
  • The Galaxy S23 FE is speculated to launch in October, and a price rumor estimates a $599 price tag in the U.S.

There's no stopping the hype surrounding Samsung's return to a FE (fan edition) phone. A new leak, posted on X by Abhishek Yadav, is giving us an early leak at a couple of promos Samsung is likely to run once the Galaxy S23 FE is out and about (via SamMobile). The first of the videos details the device's "epic camera."

The ad continues by placing a little more emphasis on Samsung's efforts to capture social media and other creators' attention.

The following promotion is all about the Galaxy S23 FE's "epic display," one that the company hopes binge-watchers take to heart as it plays on the immersion side of things.

The good thing about these leaked promotional videos is how much screen time the S23 FE's display is receiving. What's interesting here is the videos seemingly show display bezels that are quite thinner than what we've previously seen and expected. For example, a few renders showcasing the S23 FE from all angles gave us a good look at its front display, and it appeared to show some thicker bezels when compared to the flagship Galaxy S23, which it plays off of quite heavily design-wise.

We might not have to wait too much longer to truly know how the fan edition phone's display bezels truly appear. The S23 FE is expected to debut soon with a 6.4-inch dynamic AMOLED and up to 120Hz refresh rate. On the back, the phone has been speculated to receive a triple camera array consisting of a 50MP primary lens, an 8MP ultra-wide, and a 12MP telephoto sensor.

Furthermore, its chip duality will likely place the U.S. in line to receive a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 version while European consumers experience the Exynos 2200.

When we can expect the Galaxy S23 FE isn't an exact science, as rumors point us in the direction of October. The device will be joined by the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and the Galaxy Buds FE — while also clashing with Google's flagship Pixel launch next month, as well.

And, for those of you on the fence, it appears as though the S23 FE may arrive on the cheaper side this time around. A pricing rumor speculates the phone could land on the market with a $599 price tag. This decision would make the S23 FE a hundred dollars cheaper than the S21 FE and $200 cheaper than its flagship S23.

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