The first thing that stands out about the Symmetry Case on the Galaxy Note 5 is that it just feels good. There's a moderate level of chunk that comes with its thick hybrid design, but its quick and painless installation and all-around access to the Note 5's features makes it work. And, you know, being friendly with wireless chargers helps too.

The back of the Symmetry Case features a very light texture that feels smooth, but frankly doesn't do much for grip. What keeps this cover easy to handle is the TPU bumper that's attached. You'll find this flexible layer around the lip of the case — keeping the Galaxy Note 5's screen safe and sound while faced down — and around the port openings and side buttons. Inside the case is a firm rubber laid out in a symmetrical pattern that is a key component in dispersing impacts when your phone takes a spill. There's nothing to fuss about when it comes to plugging in chargers, popping out the S-Pen, or getting a good press on the power and volume buttons. Simply said, it's just a comfortable case to use with the size the Note 5.

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OtterBox Symmetry Case for Galaxy Note 5

Around the camera cutout on the back is a smooth glossy plastic that's also featured on the OtterBox logo at the bottom. The case also works great in pockets thanks to that smooth polycarbonate, and doesn't pick up scratches as easy as other hybrid covers of its kind. With the secure hold the Symmetry Case has around the Galaxy Note 5, it's highly unlikely the phone is coming out of that cover when it goes down.

Should you buy it?

If you're after a well designed hybrid case for your Galaxy Note 5, yes. Even though the Symmetry Case is the slimmest option of OtterBox's lineup, there's still enough size to it that might deter the average slim case shopper. Size aside, its simple look and comfortable grip are evident, and you'll never have to fidget with different wireless chargers. You can pick it up in blue (as pictured), black, white, pink, and purple for $49.95 on Amazon or straight from OtterBox.

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