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Nokia today announced that the company had partnered with Samsung to bring its maps and location platform services to Tizen-powered wearables and Android smartphones. It marks a significant step forward for HERE, moving on from its exclusivity period on Windows-based platforms, though only those with Samsung hardware will be able to enjoy the Android editions of HERE services (for the time being). The two companies have also entered into a licensing agreement to provide consumers mapping services for free.

On the Samsung Gear S, HERE powers an app called Navigator, offering turn-by-turn walk navigation, offline support and public transit routing. This isn't simply a mere companion app to compliment the Android offering, but is a complete stand-alone experience, offering consumers the option to store mapping data locally on said hardware. If you'd like to get more out of HERE services, it's possible to pair the wearable solution with the HERE beta available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

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HERE Maps Samsung

HERE beta will cost Samsung consumers absolutely nothing to download and will be available when the Samsung Gear S hits the market. "We believe that maps and location-related functionality are essential for any operating system. HERE aims to deliver fresh maps, platform services and location cloud experiences to as many people and businesses as possible, independent of the device and operating system they are using," said Sean Fernback, Senior Vice President Everyday Mobility, HERE. "Partnering with Samsung for the Tizen OS, and providing maps and location services for the first time with the new Samsung Gear is another huge step for us in that direction."

Nokia has also bundled together Glympse support into the mapping solution available for both Samsung Tizen smartwatches and Android smartphones. This functionality enables consumers to share their location with others from within the experience, perfect for letting others know when you're on the way and heading to the designated meet point. Overall, it's a neat announcement for those affected. Are you looking forward to use HERE services on your Samsung devices?

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