Red Nexus 5

Red model pictured as fresh information comes to light

It's looking more likely this morning that Google and LG could release the Nexus 5 in additional colors, after a flurry of online activity in the past 24 hours. First came videos and pictures claiming to show the new colors in the Google Play Store, though these showed telltale signs of being little more than Photoshop jobs based on existing renders. But since then the first compelling photographic evidence has emerged, and one reliable individual in the smartphone community is saying there's some truth behind the rumors.

Firstly, Vietnamese outlet VietnamNet has today published a photo of a "sample" version of the Nexus 5 in red, adding that it'll become available along with a yellow version in late February or March. The shot shows a very bright shade of red, not unlike the color used on some Nokia Lumia phones, on the back of a Nexus 5 with black accents. While this sort of shot wouldn't be impossible to fake, it looks a lot more like what we'd expect from a red Nexus 5.

Meanwhile MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien tweets that (original) colored Nexus 5 leaks are "nowhere near representative" of the "actual products," saying that there are "surprises to come." And for sure, the red Nexus 5 photo out of Vietnam looks nothing like the earlier renders. We'll have to wait and see what lies ahead, but for now the possibility of new Nexus 5 colors landing in the next month or two seems plausible.

In the meantime, hit the comments and let us know whether you'd pick up a Nexus 5 in red — or yellow, or any other color.

Source: VietnamNet via PhoneArena; @PaulOBrien