Incipio Octane case for Galaxy Note 4

A no-frills case that just keeps your Note 4 safe without adding much bulk

The Galaxy Note 4's metal frame is nice to look at, even nice to hold, but we all know it won't stay looking and feeling that nice for long without a case. If you're someone who's rough on a phone you'll need some protection, and the Incipio Octane case for the Note 4 adds solid coverage with no extra frills. There's no kickstand, screen cover or funky port system, but there is a great design with thick rubber in the places that need it while keeping full function of your phone available.

Read along and see our quick review of the Incipio Octane case for the Note 4 — it may be the right choice for you.

Incipio Octane case for Galaxy Note 4

Incipio kind of goes back to the basics with the Octane case, because there's no additional stuff getting in the way of you using your phone with it on. The case is made up of two primary materials, with the back plate being a hard plastic and the sides being a slightly more flexible tough rubber. The way its molded makes the back insanely tough, and hard to flex much at all with your bare hands — and that means it's going to bode well with occasional bumps and drops.

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The rubber around the sides looks like ... well, the tread on a truck tire, to be honest. It's functional and provides grip when you're holding the phone, but it's the one design element that might put some people off if they're looking for a case that's a bit sleeker. The edges have cutouts for the headphone, microphones, S Pen and USB port, but cover up the power and volume keys with additional buttons that are easy enough to hit.

Using the Note 4 with the Incipio Octane case isn't tough at all considering how much protection there is here. The phone feels a tad wider due to the rubber on the edges, but no thicker or heavier in any way. And this case will surely stand up to more pressure than your average slim snap-on case. I think it'll be a good choice to split the difference between an overbearing full-protection case and a slim option that's for looks more than safety. It'll set you back $27.95 in black, grey/blue, grey/pink or frost/black, but it's worth it if the basic design and features are an appealing combination.