I have news for you: your cat probably hates stagnant water. I know, I know, it's a bombastic statement, because nobody knows how to raise your fur babies better than you do. But it's true. If you have a kitty that craves running water from the faucet, you know what I'm talking about.

It's not your fault. Blame evolution. For one, cats can't see water very well, which is partially why they sometimes paw at the surface of the water bowl. If it's running, though, they can hear the water just fine. In addition, standing water screams "unsafe" at our feline friends. In the wild, standing water is a haven for bacteria, so even indoor cats have an association with stagnant water as being potentially unsafe.

Running water is cooler and more oxygenated, so it tastes better. That means your cat will drink more of it. Look at it from a human perspective: would you rather have fresh, clear water straight from a spring, or drink from a glass that's been sitting out for 24 hours? You're starting to get the picture now, right?

Enter the PetSafe Drinkwell Water Fountain. Thanks to Prime Day, it's on sale for just $19.57. That saves you $10 off the regular list price and gets you within a few cents of the best price it's ever been. The deal is exclusive to Prime members, but you can score a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime if you need to gain access.

This fountain is ideal for cats, but it'll work with smaller dogs as well. Simply fill the reservoir with water and plug the fountain in. It creates a free-fall stream that will entice your feline friend, which means they'll drink more water. That creates a healthier kitty and it means you don't have to constantly adjust your faucet to appease your finicky pet. The fountain is BPA-free and the plastic parts are dishwasher safe.

I have this fountain, and if you can't tell, I adore it. It does have a few upkeep aspects. If you have hard water, you'll want to clean it every few weeks to prevent buildup. I usually just run some vinegar through mine and it works out well. You can add some cleaning brushes to your order for only $5 for a deeper clean. Replacement filters are on sale too; you'll need to replace the filter with each clean for the best experience.

The fountain is quiet, it hasn't been more affordable since 2016, and most importantly, it will keep your pets happy and healthy. What could be better than that?

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