A phone can be perfect in practically every other way, but if it falls down on the battery life front, no one is going to recommend it. Samsung's recent flagships have always done alright on battery tests, but even without increasing the size, the Galaxy S8 is putting out considerably better results than its predecessor — at least according to our review.

But now that the phone is out, we wanted to see what sort of battery life you're getting, so we took to the forums to take a look.


This was my first full day with the S8 Plus on Verizon, and I want to say, I'm pretty impressed. I know I still have quite a ways to go, but this is my battery life so far. This is with AOD, FHD, around 30% brightness, sync on, with heavy video streaming and web browsing, and a few phone calls.


A lot of people seem to be getting significantly better battery life than on the Galaxy S7, ending the day with roughly 30% or more in the tank. This is likely due to the confluence of a more efficient processor in the Snapdragon 835 and a default resolution of 1080p.


I just got my s8+ in the morning and immediately charged it to 100%, 7.5 hours later and half of that time installing all my apps and setting everything from scratch, I'm at 50% with 4.25 of SoT. Pretty impressed so far with battery and the buttery smooth performance in general, that and this Orchid Grey being so gorgeous. Basically everything on, AOD, Location History, QHD, only Uninstalled...


So many people are wowed by the unexpectedly good battery performance on the Galaxy S8, especially because the batteries themselves are no bigger than those in the S7 series. In fact, the Galaxy S8+ has a smaller cell than the Galaxy S7 edge!


TBH I'm not all that impressed with the battery life, but I've never really been all that impressed with the battery on any Android phone I've had. It's mostly standby that kills it for me. I have an S8+ and an iPhone 7 Plus, and my iPhone may go down to 93% during a work day. My S8+ was down to 50% with only 45 minutes SOT


Of course, not everyone is having perfect results. Some people are experiencing battery life that is just good, while others are outright upset by the uptime.


Looks like I got some work to do... 😯


Others are finding that battery usage spikes when connected to Wi-Fi, which isn't unusual, but may be fixable with an update.


Well, here's my stats on my s8+ at almost 24 hours on battery. Auto brightness and WQHD. Not quite as good as everyone else's but still good. The one thing I noticed is the high phone radio and Wi-Fi usage. This is not normal on my other phones. I have good signal too. If it wasn't for the two radios my battery would be amazing


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