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What you need to know

  • We now have a much better look at the upcoming Galaxy S11+'s rear design.
  • Leaked images show the phone's sensors neatly arranged in a straight line, contrary to previous renders, which showed an arrangement reminiscent of the five tiles in dominos.
  • The phone will reportedly also have a periscope zoom lens.

As we draw closer to the next year, all eyes are on Samsung's upcoming flagships, the Galaxy S11 series. The biggest and most powerful of them, the S11+, had previously been leaked thanks to unofficial renders and showcased a rather unorthodox and, arguably, messy arrangement of the claimed five rear cameras. If you were concerned about the phone's design as a result, thanks to prolific Samsung leaker Ice Universe, we now know that the previous renders may not have been entirely accurate.

In a new series of tweets, the leaker detailed the phone's camera specs, and also shared a partial image of the phone's sensors, claiming this is the 'real' S11+:

Only three of the cameras on the phone's back are visible, though they are neatly arranged in a straight line, unlike the dominos-like layout shown in previous renders. In our opinion, this certainly looks better. More importantly, it lines up well with the camera design of Samsung's latest smartphones, the Galaxy A51 and A71, both of which feature four lenses plus a flash arranged in a very similar way to the images shared by Ice Universe. Since Samsung often tests features and design elements for its flagships on its midrange offerings first, the A51 and A71's design lends quite a bit of credence to Ice Universe's claims.

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He also claims that the three sensors in question are the ultra-wide sensor, the primary camera, and a periscope zoom lens, from top to bottom. The layout of the rest of the sensors is unclear, though Ice Universe claims we'll find a ToF sensor and flash to the right, which would add up to a total of four sensors, and not five, as previously claimed. We'll have to wait and see for official confirmation on the number of rear cameras the phone will ship with.

Coming to the main camera, the leaker also shared additional details about the 108MP module, which he believes will feature 9-to-1 pixel binning. As a result, the image stored on your phone will only be 12MP, but this is Samsung, after all, so we'd be surprised if the South Korean giant didn't include an option to save pictures in their full resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S11: everything you need to know

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