I've been saying it for two years now, and I'm going to continue to say it: a phone grip is an essential smartphone accessory and the benefits for your hands are even better than the benefits for your phone. While PopSockets, Style Rings, GrabTabs and countless other third-party stick-on grips flood the market, cases with grips built in look better and tend to last longer.

Case in point — pun intended — meet the Grip2ü Galaxy S10 Slim case. This thin hard shell case keeps the bulk down and the grip up using a silicone sling that's pinned to the back of the polycarbonate shell, a solution that's stylish and slim. This grip has been a refreshing change of pace from the accordion and ring-style grips that flood the market, and if you want a grip case that doesn't look like a kid's toy, Grip2ü is for you.

Grip2ü Galaxy S10 Slim case

This is the slimmest grip case I've ever seen, and the silicone sling grip is easy to slip your fingers into one-handed and keep a grip on. The hard polycarbonate shell around it is a bit slick, but the silicone grip is more than enough to hold onto.

The Good

  • Silicone grip feels comfy
  • Qi compatible
  • Shows off S10 well

The Bad

  • Limited impact protection
  • Smudges show easily
  • Main case can feel slippery

Not like, love

Grip2ü Galaxy S10 Slim case What I love

The Grip2ü Slim case for the Galaxy S10 is the first phone grip I've used that feels like it's made for adults.

Grip2ü's case thoroughly lives up to the Slim name, and even with two metal bars holding the ends of the silicone strap in place, this hardshell case adds zero bulk to the Galaxy S10's lithe profile. The case snaps onto the S10 easily enough, and it takes just enough effort to take it off that I was never worried about the case popping off if I yanked on the silicone strap the wrong way.

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As a polycarbonate hardshell case, the Grip2ü leaves the ports at the bottom and the buttons on both sides open and easy to access, and the only metal in the case — the two rods holding the ends of the silicone — are far enough from the coils that they don't interfere with Qi charging or Wireless PowerShare.

The silicone of the grip is stretchy enough to fit two or three fingers through easily, but it doesn't stretch out over time the way elastic and fabric straps do, offering a good way to keep your phone controlled without a white-knuckle grip or the dreaded pinky-prop for stability. Even when powerwalking around a crowded theme park or shopping center, the only time I'm ever worried about dropping the Grip2ü is when I slip my fingers out of that silicone grip and slide it back into my shoulder holster.

Grip2ü Galaxy S10 Slim case What could still improve


The matte black version has slightly more grip — as well as a thin lining on the inside of the case — but the beautiful crystal clear version of the Grip2ü can feel a little slick in the hand, especially on the sides. The case won't slide around on your desk or nightstand, but it did start sliding out of my holster and my pocket when I bent over a time or two. After over a week of steady use, minor scratches and scuffs are minor and blend into the curves and dot-matrix pattern on the inside of the case, but smudges and fingerprints are easily visible.

For a case that's all about drop prevention, the Grip2ü's actual drop protection is somewhat light on this phone. If this case was a hybrid case with a TPU bumper and some air cushioning, I'd say this is without a doubt the case to get if you're concerned with dropping your phone, but a thin polycarbonate case doesn't really do much to redirect or absorb the force of a drop.

Grip2ü's website and tagline is Prevent the Drop, and the Grip2ü Slim will help you keep a better hold on your phone, but once you do drop your Galaxy S10, this case won't help you avoid that shatter nearly as much as hybrid or even single-layer TPU cases like the Spigen Liquid Crystal will.

Grip2ü Galaxy S10 Slim case Bottom line

Prevent the Drop

All said, the Grip2ü Slim is a great phone grip with a thin, scratch-protective case around it, a perfect case for the user that buys into the idea that a penny of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The drop protection on this case may be limited, but the drop prevention is so high you shouldn't have to really worry about it.

4 out of 5

The matte black model is a tiny bit more protective and more grippy than the clear one, but the clear model may be one of the least intrusive, most attractive grip cases I've ever seen. It's slimmer and more sophisticated than a PopSocket, it's more long-lasting than a Style Ring and it stays out of the way better than every grip I've ever seen.

Grip2ü Galaxy S10 Slim case

If you haven't wanted to deal with a bulky stick-on but wanted to invest in a phone grip, the Grip2ü case is a great grip to start with as you try to figure out which style of grip is best for you.

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