Whether it be you or someone you know, switching from the iPhone to an Android phone can sometimes be a pain. The stark differences in the operating systems requires a fair learning curve, and if you end up getting a lackluster Android handset to replace your iPhone X, you're going to be sorely disappointed with the whole experience.

One user recently took to the Android Central forums to announce that they've been thinking about coming back to Android after using an iPhone for some time, and when asking if they should use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as the phone to switch to, these are some of the responses that popped up:


I had an iPhone through work two years ago. For me, I love the customization options on Android and there's basically nothing my phone can't do that I want it to. Beast of a phone and keeps up with all personal and business activities I use it for. For me the no restrictions of the Note 8 is a major plus.


Samsung pay is a game changer. Super convenient, I use it daily. I can't think of any cons with this phone. My only minor complaint is that the in call volume is too low but I rarely use my phone for actual calls. It's easily the best phone I've ever used.


The cons are that it maybe too big for some and, well, that's about it. The pros are numerous. The screen is superb, it's an absolute beast speed wise and if you buy into the whole S Pen thing it'll become invaluable. I also have an iPhone 7 and it feels prehistoric compared to the Note 8.


I sold my iPhone 7, and I chose between the X and the Note8. Pros for the Note is the display, customization and the S Pen. Performance wise, they're on par and if you're not tied to the Apple ecosystem, it's really at parity right now and iPhones lack certain features also. Cons are size, price and fragility.


Now, we'd like to hear from you – Which phone would you recommend someone get if they're coming to Android from iOS?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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