What you need to know

  • Samsung Game Launcher is a system-level app that puts the Note 10 into a high-performance mode for gaming.
  • Samsung and Discord have partnered to include Discord chat into the Game Launcher itself.

The Galaxy Note 10 may not be marketed as a "gaming phone" like the ASUS ROG phone series, but it certainly has the hardware for it. Amid features like the Snapdragon 855 chip and special vapor channel to dissipate the heat is Samsung's special Game Launcher; a piece of software designed to get your phone ready for the most demanding mobile games.

Game Launcher can optimize the system by shutting down non-essential apps and processes while ramping up the processor to push your favorite gaming titles to their limit and it works great. So great that Samsung has doubled down with Game Launcher for the Note 10 and has also included a treat for your inner gamer — onboard Discord chat.

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Discord is a social space originally built for gamers to talk about games and a place to chat with each other while gaming and has over 14 million daily active users. You'll be able to chat with any of them while you get your game on with the Galaxy Note 10.

A Gaming powerhouse

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

A noteworthy addition

The all-new Galaxy Note 10 is a major upgrade over whatever phone you're using right now and is great for gaming. You'll love playing anything on this big screen.

Bigger and better

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

A pretty big deal

The Galaxy Note 10+ takes everything you'll love about the Note 10 and ramps things up a notch with one of the biggest and best displays ever to grace a smartphone. The Note 10+ gives that big-screen experience in the palm of your hand.

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