Galaxy S6 Edge

As cool as Samsung's new dual-curved screen looks on the Galaxy S6 edge, there are more than a few people concerned about using the phone in the real world. Our forums are filled with folks wondering how cases are going to work for the phone, and whether or not this new design can survive a fall.

These are valid concerns, as traditional case designs are either not going to offer total protection for this device or they will make swiping in from the edges less convenient. Since one of the big benefits to this phone is the software that takes advantage of this display, those sorts of cases aren't likely to be warmly received. Besides, not everyone wants a case, especially when the phone in question looks as nice as the Galaxy S6 edge, so it's clear these are questions that need answering.

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It may seem like tempting fate to wander around with a "naked" Galaxy S6 edge, but there's a pretty good chance things will be OK if you do. Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge with Gorilla Glass 4, which was specifically designed to tackle everyday drops. On top of this, Samsung has been the exact opposite of shy in talking about the durability of these phones. During the official unveil in Barcelona the company practically dared people to try and bend the phones, serving not only as a jab at Apple but as a promise that these phones are just as tough as their predecessors. Through our time with the device, Samsung explained in detail how special the glass on these devices are, making durability a primary focus during those talks.

Galaxy S6 edge cases

No amount of promises from Samsung or Corning will guarantee your phone will walk away from a spill onto the concrete unscathed, and that's why cases exist. Samsung made sure there would be a healthy selection of accessories out of the gate, For the Galaxy S6 edge specifically, Samsung's accessories focus on protecting the corners and the back, leaving the curved display open and accessible for everything but the folio designs. We won't know just how far this design decision will go until the big tank-like cases start to show up, but it seems like the focus on corners is going to be the biggest trend in S6 edge cases.

Ultimately you won't know for sure until you've held the phone in your hand, but the solid design and durable new materials in Samsung's latest flagship scream are clearly enough for the company to brag a little. That's not to say the phone is invulnerable, but it's a very good sign.