If you've ever used a Samsung Galaxy phone — or even sat near anyone else using one — you'll be familiar with the manufacturer's widely derided default sound effects. Since the Galaxy S3, each button press or icon tap has been punctuated by an obnoxious "bloop" — supposedly a water droplet sound — a remnant of the GS3's whole "inspired by nature" thing. Same deal with the default notification sound, the unmistakeable Samsung whistle that accompanies each email, text and social alert out of the box.

You could always kill these sound effects in the settings — and indeed this was one of the first things we'd do to a new Samsung phone. But now you don't need to. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 has vanquished the bloops and done away with the whistles, in a move which marks the beginning of the end for two of the most annoying sounds in smartphone history.

The beginning of the end for two of the most annoying sounds in smartphone history.

In the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, Samsung replaces both sound effects with alternatives that are much easier on the ears. Button presses now respond with a more neutral tap sound instead of a bloop, similar to what you might hear on an LG or stock Android phone. And the "harp" sound found on most Samsung phones is now the default — the old Samsung whistle isn't even listed in the menus on our device.

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We're poking a bit of fun here, but Samsung's outgrowing of these grating, unsophisticated sounds reflects the rebirth the phone maker has undergone with the launch of its new flagship. Not only has Samsung finally gotten serious about build quality and premium materials, it's tightened up its software performance and design as well. Getting rid of the bloops was the next logical step.

But fear not. If you find yourself pining for the familiar tones of older Galaxy phones, we're here to help. You can bookmark this page and use the buttons below to recreate the original TouchWiz Nature UX any time you like. Be sure to turn your volume up nice and loud.