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Future-proof your Wi-Fi with these Eero router Cyber Monday deals

Eero 6 Hero
Eero 6 Hero (Image credit: Eero)

Wi-Fi 6 (a more consumer-friendly name for Wi-Fi 802.22ax) is the latest generation in wireless technology, bringing faster theoretical speeds and additional capacity to serve those top speeds to more devices at once. But because Wi-Fi generations are tied to hardware, you'll need to upgrade your router to take advantage of these benefits.

Amazon's latest refresh to its Eero routers bring Wi-Fi 6 support to one of the most popular mesh router systems on the market, and during Cyber Monday, you can get either model for cheaper than ever before.

If you've never used a mesh router system before, they can be a game-changer for homes with materials like concrete that can otherwise make it difficult for Wi-Fi to reach rooms far from the router. By deploying multiple mesh points in different parts of the house, a mesh system like Eero can extend your network to every room and floor with minimal signal degradation.

With the just-launched Eero 6 line, Amazon has added Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, allowing for faster top speeds — the standard Eero 6 can provide speeds as high as 500Mbps, which is more than enough for the vast majority of users, while the Eero Pro 6 offers a staggering gigabit Wi-Fi signal using its additional 5GHz band. Of course, your connected devices will need to support Wi-Fi 6 as well to benefit from these speed capabilities. Each Eero 6 covers 1500 square feet (2000 on the Eero Pro 6), and a three-pack can cover as much as 5000 square feet.

Each new Eero also works as a Zigbee hub for smart home devices, bypassing the need for a separate hub to control devices like smart bulbs, locks, and plugs. As an owner of several Philips Hue bulbs (and consequently, a reluctant user of the Hue Hub), this is one of the most exciting new features as far as I'm concerned.

Eero's routers connect to a sophisticated smartphone app, which allows you to assign individual connected devices to user profiles — each of which can be given different access to the internet. You can rename your Wi-Fi network and monitor updates to the router directly from the app, and Eero Secure subscribers are given access to additional services like 1Password.

Given how new both Eero models are, it's unlikely that they'll see another 20% discount any time soon, so grab them while they're cheap and enjoy faster, smarter Wi-Fi!

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.