Samsung's lineup of various products and services can be difficult to keep up with. There's a seemingly endless number of phones, apps, and more, and one that might have flown under the radar for some people is Samsung Flow.

Samsung Flow is a platform that allows your Samsung Android phone and Windows computer to work seamlessly with one another for some pretty helpful use cases. With Samsung Flow, you can securely log into your computer using the fingerprint sensor on your phone, sync notifications across both devices, easily transfer files, and more.

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It's a really great tool, and taking look at the AC forums, some of our members seem to be quite interested in it.

After watching this video I think I'm going to give it a try. The ability to sync clipboard content seems very useful. Thanks for posting this, made me do a little research.


Since my laptop lacks fp sensor all I really care about is the ability to transfer files and open laptop using phone fp sensor. Thanks! Note 9 does so many things I will never learn half of them.


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