It's been almost a week since the Note 10 and Note 10+ launched, meaning that folks all around the world have had a few days to play around with Samsung's latest flagships.

We're big fans of both devices here at AC, and taking a look through our community forums, most people seem quite happy with their purchase.

Here's what some of our members had to say when asked if they had any regrets buying the new Note.


Not a single solitary regret. I have the Aura Blue Sprint Note 10 +, 256 Gb. I knew the smaller version wouldn't be good for me. This larger one is ideal and is handling everything I do and then some :)


None coming from a Note 8. Love my 10 Plus.


Just got mine today. Samsung switch worked great. I still have some things to set up, like Samsung Pay. I came from a Note 8, so there are a lot of things I already know. So far, no regrets.


No regrets whatsoever! Note 10+ unlocked. Have had almost every note since Note2. Love this one the most...


What about you? Do you regret buying the Galaxy Note 10?

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