The Galaxy Note 10+ is an impressive piece of tech, and for a starting price of $1100, it better be. There's a lot the Note 10+ does out of the box, but if you want to take advantage of its ludicrous 45W fast-charging speeds, you need to buy a compatible charger. Specifically, if you want to achieve that fastest speeds as safe as possible, we recommend picking up the official Samsung 45W Fast Charging Wall Charger.

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Samsung's charger delivers incredibly fast top-up times, but with a price tag of $50, it's another hefty expense on top of an already pricey phone.

Taking a look through the AC forums, not a lot of people seem eager to spend that extra money.


For me it's just not worth $50 bucks. With the 25W I could plug my phone in when I wake up, and by the time I leave in the morning it should be fully charged.


I would think most people have their phones charged at 100% first thing in the morning. Its around 4-6pm (for power users) when you are still doing stuff, running around when you need to charge the phone. Weekends are big too for when you are out and about and need the fastest possible charge possible. Hey man, I'm trying to sell myself and justify a FIFTY DOLLAR freaking wall charger! lol I...


The charger in the box will charge the phone in about 1 hour and 5 minutes from zero. How much faster do you need? Lol


Usually I can wake up and put my Note 9 on charge at 6.15am and by 7.15 its charged. It will then go all day/night to 6.15 the next morning with usually around 65-70% battery left, then charge again (normal charge, not fast charge) I don't think I have a need for 45w charging as the 25w brick should be faster charging than my Note 9 anyways.


What about you? Did you buy the Galaxy Note 10+'s 45W fast charger?

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