Imagine if you had the new LeEco 85-inch uMax85 4k TV connected to your gaming computer to play Grand Theft Auto V. You would be able to see every little detail when the Note 7 you threw at your rival (which is Steve Haines no matter what anyone else says) blew up and caused a fire and/or a panic. You certainly won't be watching it on YouTube, as Samsung has filed a DCMA claim over the video showcasing the popular mod. We get why Samsung isn't finding the humor here, but abusing copyright laws isn't how to fix it. Bad form, Samsung.

On a happier note that will get your freedom juices pumping (or something, cut me some slack) the Android 7.1 developer preview is now available for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel C. You know the drill — enroll in beta, receive download, turn to internet to say how awesome/horrible it is. We're checking it out, too.

And who would have thought that Verizon would be the cheapest place to find a V20?

Samsung files DMCA claim against GTA5 video showing Note 7 as a weapon

Techdirt points out a YouTube video about a GTA5 mod that turned a Note 7 into a handheld grenade has been pulled over copyright claims. This is funny and sad at the same time.

Android 7.1 Developer Preview now available

Google has released the Android 7.1 Developer Preview for three Nexus devices, allowing developers to publish their apps with support for circular icons, app shortcuts and a number of other features, on the Play Store. More

LeEco launching phones, TVs, and superbikes in the U.S.

LeEco made a big entrance to the U.S. market earlier today. Bringing two phones — the high-end Le Pro 3 and the low-end Le S3 to their online LeMall (Le all the things). They're also serious about entertainment with a positively huge 4K TV and a streaming service to pair with it. More

Verizon is selling the V20 earlier and cheaper than everyone else

If you're looking for an LG V20 and are a Verizon customer, you'll be pleased to know that the phone hits online sales and store shelves October 20 — and it's more than a few dollars cheaper than it is from anyone else. More

Android Pay is a go in Hong Kong

Starting today you can pay using your Android phone islandwide at over 5,000 locations in Hong Kong. This is of course in addition to the app perks like loyalty card management and app integration.

Bring a little bit of Pixel to your phone with the new Wallpapers app

Google has released the Wallpaper app from the Google pixel and Pixel XL to Google Play for everyone to download. There are tons of great wallpapers to choose from, both dynamic and static, and it's worth having a look. More

Microsoft bringing new features to OneNote for Android

Password protection, proper multi-window support, voice input and file embedding round out the October changes in the OneNote for Android app. While Microsoft may be struggling as a hardware vendor, they are killing it on the software and services side.

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