Let the sky fall

Android phones have come a long way from matte plastic backs. Android flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S9+ sport shimmering, mirror-finish glass backs, and while we all need a little extra grip and protection for our $800 phone, why cover up perfection? Now, there are plenty of clear cases on the market today — including a slim Liquid Crystal case we love — but none have quite the style of Caseology's Skyfall case.

Caseology Skyfall Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+

Price: $14.99

Bottom line: It's a clear case with style and grip; just be prepared to wipe down the smudges and grime frequently.

The Good

  • Higher lips around the sides better protect the curved screen
  • Great colors that compliment each color model
  • Good port cut-outs

The Bad

  • Picks up fingerprints and grime very quickly
  • Feels bulkier than it is
  • Plastic frame feels flimsy when applying/removing case

dual layer beauty

Slick as a Bond film

Caseology Skyfall Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ What I like

Clear cases are often ill-fitting; their crystal-clear bumpers are stiff to get on and off or have gaps between the case and phone that collect dust or let the phone shift around just enough to pop out. Luckily, the Skyfall has none of these problems: the Galaxy S9+ fits inside like glove and the bumper's two-layer design ensure that the phone stays securely in place while showcasing bright colors to compliment the Galaxy's own hue.

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The buttons on the Skyfall are silent and solid without feeling stiff, and the cutouts around the bottom ports are wide enough for the average cable. The cutout around the cameras and fingerprint scanner is separate from the cutout for the flash and heart rate sensor, which makes the heart rate sensor a little harder to get readings with, but it's not like the heart rate sensor is something most Galaxy owners actually use.

All of Caseology's cases for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ feature higher lips on the sides of the display and a less gradual bevel towards the screen, which offers a greater degree of protection for a curved screen that is more prone to shattering during side and corner drops. The higher sides on the Skyfall better guard the screen's curved edges while still allowing easy use of the screen from edge to edge. Unfortunately, there is one drawback to these higher sides.

Grimy isn't glam

Keep a cleaning cloth handy

Caseology Skyfall Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ What doesn't work

When switching from a clear Ringke case to the Skyfall, I was taken aback by how much bulkier the Skyfall felt. Its higher sides make the case sturdier and more protective, but it also makes the case and phone seem bulkier than they are. This feel in-hand seems even more odd when you separate the two layers of the Skyfall and feel just how thin and almost flimsy the polycarbonate bumper looks on its own.

High sidesGrimy

Clear cases are known for gathering fingerprint smudges just as quickly as the mirror finish on the Galaxy S9+ itself, but the Skyfall seems to pick them up quicker than the last half-dozen clear cases I've used. At the end of a single day of regular use, the Skyfall already had a layer of noticeable, tactile grime on its back — not just smudges, but grime. My sweating in the Texas heat probably didn't help matters, but I've reached for my microfiber cloth to clean this case more often than my glasses the last few days.

Like a gem

Caseology Skyfall Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+

The Skyfall is a beauty, a flash of shine and color against a sea of unobtrusive, crystal clear plastics. It sports a perfectly matched bumper for each color of Galaxy S9 and S9+ — except late-comer retailer-exclusive Sunrise Gold — and better covers the curved screen and all-important ports securely and beautifully.

4 out of 5

It's a gem of a case, but like most gems, it's going to get dirty if you take it out into the real world for very long. I'm more than happy to give it quick polish here and there in exchange for stylish protection and excellent grip.

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