Time to take Note of carrier prices

Galaxy Notes have never been cheap phones, and the Galaxy Note 4 is no exception. While buying the phone on-contract can soften the blow (or at least spread the misery out), for many, that's not an option. Maybe you have to buy unlocked to keep that precious unlimited data plan. Maybe you just don't like And besides, you don't have to sell your wireless soul for two years to get the Note 4, you can buy off-contract. You'll be spending a pretty penny, but it's a pretty phone, and a pretty useful one at that. So, here's what the newest phablet will run you on each of the major American carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint).

  • We'll start with Verizon, mostly because they'll be the cheapest for the Note 4 off-contract. Big Red will sell you an off-contract Note 4 for $699.
  • Next is Sprint, which is offering it at $720 dollars off-contract for its users.
  • T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy Note 4 at $750 to all users, since there is no carrier subsidy.
  • And AT&T will be happy to sell you a Galaxy Note 4 at a $825, without a contract but with all of AT&T's bloatware.

There you have it. Go forth and claim your Note 4, wherever it may be.