You'd be surprised at the number of deals available through Sprint. The carrier regularly brings in new phones including both the super high-end flagship phones and new budget phones. The incentives to upgrade to any of these change on a regular basis. The deals include direct discounts, trade-in programs, "buy one get one" sales, and more. While many of the deals we see require a new line of service, some are available as upgrades for existing customers as well. Bookmark this page because the deals come and go and we'll do our best to keep this up-to-date with anything new we spot.

Best Overall Deal $15 a month and $750 credit: iPhone XR

For most of July, Sprint has been running a pretty solid deal on the iPhone XR. If you sign up on the Flex Lease program, you can get it for $15 a month for 18 months. That's a huge discount, but now Sprint is sweetening the pot. Sign up for the $15 a month iPhone XR and get $750 in promo credit toward a second iPhone XR. Since that's how much the iPhone XR costs, you're essentially getting it for free.

Buy One, Get One

Apple iPhone XR

The XR is normally $31.25 a month, so you're saving $16.25 every month already with the first phone. You can upgrade on the second phone if you want. The $750 promo credit will apply to any other model, even the iPhone XS Max. This deal requires you to sign each phone up on a new line of service or have one phone on a new line and one phone as an upgrade. You'll also need approved credit, and if you cancel early you'll have to pay the remaining balance.

$15 a month plus $750 promo credit

Best New Google Phone Deal $100 off: Pixel 3a and 3a XL

When the Pixel 3a first released, you could find plenty of retailers and carriers offering $100 off. Almost all of them have disappeared except Sprint. Switch to Sprint and you'll get a $100 promotional credit applied over the course of your 18-month Flex Lease. That price brings the Pixel 3a down to $11.07 a month and the Pixel 3a XL down to $14.40 a month.

Newer is Better

Google Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL

This deal requires signing up on the Sprint Flex Lease, which is an 18-month commitment. You will need approved credit, and all of these phones require a new line of service. After that time is up, you can return the phone and upgrade to a new model or buy the rest of the price of the phone.

$100 promo credit

Best Budget Android Deal $10 a month: Samsung Galaxy A50

This deal requires a 18-month commitment on the Flex Lease and a new line of service or eligible upgrade. Over the course of that 18 months, you'll save $82.62 through promo credits applied to each monthly bill. That saves you about $5 a month off the regular cost of the phone. Right now the only available option is a black phone with 64GB internal storage.

Simple but Impressive

Samsung Galaxy A50

Our initial review of the A50 looked at the Indian version of the smartphone and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. We called it "the embodiment of a great budget phone: it has an evocative design with a gradient pattern at the back, the hardware is rock-solid, it comes with the latest version of Android, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and there are three cameras at the back."

$10 a month

Best Flagship Deal $15 a month: Samsung Galaxy S10

This deal is not just about the Galaxy S10 but the entire S10 lineup. The S10e is just $10 a month and the S10+ is just $25 a month. All of these deals require a new line of service on the 18-month Flex Lease.

Great Savings

Samsung Galaxy S10

If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, our review of the Galaxy S10 paints a clear picture. It has one of the best smartphone displays we've ever seen, powerful technology, and three cameras that include one 16MP ultra wide-angle camera you'll just want to mess around with.

$15 a month

How to get the Best Sprint Deals

You can buy smartphones at most major retailers, and if you choose a carrier while buying you might be notified of a deal or two regarding the phone you picked. What you won't know is what other deals are available and might be even better. In fact, with how often Sprint's deals changes, the retailer might not even be fully up to date. So where are you going to go? Really, you have two options: go directly to Sprint and check out what they have or come here. We sort through the dozens of deals on a regular basis and report back to you by updating this page and regularly posting what we find.

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