Best Platformers for PlayStation 4 in 2022

Celeste screen
Celeste screen (Image credit: Matt Makes Games)

Super Mario is almost synonymous with platforming, but unfortunately he's stuck on Nintendo's systems. However, if you want to play some quality platformers on your PS4, you're in luck! PlayStation has a slew of great titles ranging from 2D side-scrollers to 3D platformers like Spyro. There's a little something for everyone no matter your taste or skill set.

Pick of the platformers

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We're sorry we can't offer you Mario however, I think PlayStation has some games with a similar feel that are equally fun and equally nostalgic for those who have played the originals. And, they can also be a great new game for those who have yet to meet the characters. Having played Spyro when it first came out in '98 and the remastered games, you can feel the love that can go into breathing new life into some of our old favorites.

No matter your taste, there is a little something for everybody with the platformers listed above, be it 3D platforming like Crash, side-scrollers or metroidvanias like Axiom Verge. However, if you're looking for a challenge we seriously recommend you try out Celeste. It's great that they've added the option for assist mode but to experience Celeste in its full glory we suggest playing without it. You can always turn it on later if you get stuck. Good luck!

Jennifer Locke
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