Best Oculus Quest 2 VR Cover Accessories 2024

VR Cover has been around for years now, making accessories that help make VR sessions more comfortable. Our favorite is the facial interface replacement, built to avoid a nasty, sweaty foam pad after your virtual workouts. But VR Cover has a lot more for the Oculus Quest 2 than just face pads. It has solutions for every single part of the Quest 2 to make it the most comfortable VR experience you've ever had. We've got all of these accessories listed below and will give you the low-down on the very best ones to get!

These are the best VR Cover accessories for your Meta Quest 2

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A better Oculus Quest 2 experience

VR Cover makes a ton of products, but its Oculus Quest 2 lineup is particularly excellent. For just padding your face and keeping things more hygienic, the company's facial interface replacement get the job done. The material is so much nicer to wear for longer periods of time than the foam pads that ship with the Quest 2, and it's made of a material that you can actually clean between sessions playing the best VR workout games.

Conversely, the controller grips will enhance your gameplay — particularly when you have to throw something in a game — and also make holding the controllers more comfortable thanks to the added grip of the design and the relief from the wrist strap. I also absolutely love the extra padding the VR Cover head strap pads give to the cloth strap that ships with the Quest 2. Many people felt like these straps were lacking in the comfort department and these cushy pads go a long way to helping relieve the pressure that long gaming sessions can bring.

Before you buy, you may also want to check out our favorite KIWI accessories as well. KIWI design makes some of the best Quest 2 accessories, on par with what VR Cover offers.  

After making your Quest 2 ultra-comfortable, the next step for PC gamers is to make it ultra-powerful. Playing SteamVR games on the Quest 2 is easier than ever thanks to the Oculus Link cable that's available for purchase, or you could go for a more wireless solution if you've got a great Wi-Fi 6 router that powers your home network. Either way, getting the Quest 2 is just the beginning to a seemingly endless experience.

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