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VR Cover has been around for years now, making accessories that help make VR more comfortable. The VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2 facial interface replacement makes the best VR workout games considerably more enjoyable since you're no longer left with a nasty, sweaty foam pad afterward. But VR Cover has a lot more for the Oculus Quest 2 than just face pads. It has solutions for every single part of the Quest 2 to make it the most comfortable VR experience you've ever had. We've got all of these accessories listed below and will give you the low-down on the very best ones to get!

Vr Cover Quest 2 Foam Replacement

A comfort overhaul: Facial interface and foam pad replacement

Staff Pick

Since our review of the facial interface and foam pad replacement, VR Cover has further refined the product and even added a ton of new colors to the list of options. My personal favorite is the Winter Edition, which ships with a red facial interface connector and two white PU-leather pads for your face. These enhance comfort and provide a surface that can actually be cleaned and sanitized, unlike those foam pads that ship with the Quest 2. There's also a vent built into the facial interface connector to help your face breathe a bit better and prevent foggy lenses.

Vr Cover Quest 2 Silicone Cover Colors

Wick the sweat off: Silicone Cover

VR Cover Silicone Covers will keep your Oculus Quest 2 foam in tip-top shape by keeping sweat from ever getting to it. These easy-to-apply covers fit right over your existing foam pads — or VR Cover's own PU-leather replacements — and provide a comforting, soft-powdered texture for your skin. I prefer the feeling of these over the PU-leather pads when playing something where I sweat a lot since the silicone build adds an extra layer of padding and helps keep the sweat from accumulating on your face. Be warned, though, you might want to combine these with an absorbant headband to help wick up the sweat while you play.

Vr Cover Quest 2 Headstrap Pads

Cranium comfort: Head Strap Pad

The VR Cover Head Strap Pad might just be the single most comfortable accessory that VR Cover makes for your head. It's a triangular-shaped pad that wraps around the top and both side straps, making the cloth straps that ship with the Quest 2 über comfortable. For me, it made it easier to play for long periods of time without head fatigue. The downside is that it's harder to adjust the strap size since the pads cover the plastic adjusting pieces.

$19 at VR Cover
Vr Cover Quest 2 Controller Grips Halo Protector

Protect your home: Halo Controller Protectors

Ever just smack your controllers into each other or, heaven forbid, a breakable object in the room? While it probably won't prevent glass breakage completely, putting these silicone Halo Controller Protectors over the ring on your Oculus Quest 2 controllers provide ample padding. These don't interfere with tracking since there are proper cutouts for the tracking LEDs. You can think of them as similar to those Wii remote protectors everyone had not so long ago.

Vr Cover Quest 2 Controller Grips Halo Protector

Let it go!: Controller grips

Most of these accessories are only built for comfort-enhancement, but these controller grips will directly enhance your ability to actually throw things in VR. For me, tossing grenades and other objects in VR was always a bit tricky since you still have to hold onto the controller while performing these actions. VR Cover's controller grips have a strap that wraps around the back of your hands, keeping the controllers firmly in your grip even when you let go. They also ship with a lovely piece of felt fabric that makes the straps ultra-soft against your skin, keeping them from irritating you over time.

Quest 2 Vr Cover Carrying Case

Take it with you: Carrying case

The biggest difference between the Oculus Quest family and every other major VR headset is its portability, so why not get a case and keep your Oculus Quest 2 safe while transporting it to other places, all while saving a good $20 over the official case? This one is a hardshell case covered with fabric. The Oculus Quest 2 and its controllers fit perfectly in a form-fit molding, and there's even a little pouch where you can include extras like the best Quest 2 battery packs. There's evem a nice little handle for keeping it in your possession without dropping.

$29 at VR Cover
Quest 2 Vr Cover Elite Strap Pad

An elite-level cushion: Elite Strap pad

The Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap is a fantastic accessory for the Quest 2, but it's lacking in one key area: There are no pads for the back of your head. This cushy pad feels excellent and really is the perfect addition to the best head strap currently sold by Oculus. It gets bonus points for being made of the same kind of PU leather as the facial interface replacement, which means it's not just cushy and wicks off sweat but it's super-easy to clean, too!

Quest 2 Vr Cover Disposable Hygiene Cover

Throw it all away: Disposable Hygiene Covers

It's a ton of fun to share the Quest 2 with friends and family, but sometimes people are just sweatier than others. If you've ever shared your Quest 2 with anyone, you know exactly what I mean. That's why these disposable hygiene covers are so nice. The super-soft cloth-like texture of these stick-on covers help absorb all that nasty sweat and make clean-up as easy as peeling them off and tossing them in the garbage (and then washing your hands profusely afterward). VR cover has designed these to stick on to their PU-leather facial replacement, though, so be sure to pick that up before buying a pack.

Quest 2 Vr Cover Xl Glasses Spacer

I need my space: XL Glasses Spacer

If you're someone who needs to wear glasses while using the Oculus Quest 2, you might find that the spacer included with the Quest 2 is a little thin and doesn't allow for enough space inside to comfortably fit glasses. VR Cover's XL glasses spacer is the perfect solution for this. It's considerably deeper than the original pack-in spacer and helps provide ample space between your glasses and the VR lenses to keep them from getting scratched.

$9 at VR Cover
Quest 2 Vr Cover Lens Cover

Preventing scratches: Lens Cover

While you can easily replace a lot of parts on the Oculus Quest 2, there's one external piece that's not really meant to be user-replaceable: the lenses. If you're regularly carrying the Quest 2 around or don't have a closed storage system for it (like the carrying case above), you might want to consider getting this soft lens cover to keep them from getting scratched. it's a small investment that'll help keep your Quest 2's lenses in tip-top shape.

Quest 2 Vr Cover Cloth Cover

Like a pair of good jeans: Cloth cover

This is probably my least favorite of all the VR Cover accessories here. That's not because it's a bad product, but I'm not a fan of using it. These cloth covers are designed to fit over the original foam that ships with the Oculus Quest 2 and make that facial interface decidedly less scratchy since the cloth is 100% soft cotton. However, they're annoying to put on since you'll need to remove the foam interface and sort of awkwardly wrap the cloth around the foam, then secure it with two bands around the back. If you really want cotton on your face, this one is serviceable, but I far prefer other options on this list.

$19 at VR Cover

A better Oculus Quest 2 experience

VR Cover makes a ton of products, but its Oculus Quest 2 lineup is particularly excellent. For just padding your face and keeping things more hygienic, the company's facial interface replacement get the job done. The material is so much nicer to wear for longer periods of time than the foam pads that ship with the Quest 2, and it's made of a material that you can actually clean between uses.

Conversely, the controller grips will enhance your gameplay — particularly when you have to throw something in a game — and also make holding the controllers more comfortable thanks to the added grip of the design and the relief from the wrist strap. I also absolutely love the extra padding the VR Cover head strap pads give to the cloth strap that ships with the Quest 2. Many people felt like these straps were lacking in the comfort department and these cushy pads go a long way to helping relieve the pressure that long gaming sessions can bring.

After making your Quest 2 ultra-comfortable, the next step for PC gamers is to make it ultra-powerful. Playing SteamVR games on the Quest 2 is easier than ever thanks to the Oculus Link cable that's available for purchase, or you could go for a more wireless solution if you've got a great Wi-Fi 6 router that powers your home network. Either way, getting the Quest 2 is just the beginning to a seemingly endless experience.

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