Best kitchen products that support Google Assistant 2022

Google Nest Mini sitting on a chair
Google Nest Mini sitting on a chair (Image credit: Nirave Gondhia / Android Central)

Voice control in your kitchen is truly a game-changer. Oftentimes, while you're cooking up a storm, your hands are either dirty or preoccupied. Imagine as you're multitasking through meal prep, being able to adjust songs on your playlist, pause a recipe video while you grab an ingredient, or find out how many ounces are in a gram without having to tap your phone's screen. There are plenty of helpful smart products for your kitchen that come with Google Assistant built-in. Here are some of the best kitchen products that support Google Assistant to help make cook and prep a breeze.

Google Assistant is your virtual kitchen sous chef

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Using Google Assistant in the kitchen can simplify cooking, cleaning, and entertaining, leaving you more time to do the things you love. I often use recipes when cooking and find that I have to constantly wash my hands to wake up my smartphone screen and scroll back and forth through directions. Imagine being able to control all of that by voice? You can do that seamlessly with the best kitchen products that support Google Assistant, like the second-generation Google Nest Hub, which also makes it super simple for novice cooks to follow along with recipe videos, simply by saying "pause" or "rewind." It's really a no-brainer for the kitchen.

I have been using an iRobot Braava Jet M6 for some time now, and it's a wonderful companion for mopping the kitchen when you need it done in a rush. You need to use the deep clean option to get down and dirty, but it does an efficient job, especially if you have kids running back and forth with muddy shoes.

Lighting really can make the difference in a kitchen: you need bright, spotlight lighting when cooking on the stove, but mood lighting with some music can be perfect for date night or during a party. Whatever the occasion, everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen! Philips Hue is one of the most popular brands in smart lighting, and the fact that you can control the Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance BR30 Bulbs by voice via Google Assistant (and other voice assistants as well) in addition to using the app is a bonus.

Finally, air purifiers are essential for keeping the air in your home clean. I have some in my basement and my son's bedroom, but I really should opt for one for the kitchen, too. Especially if you tend to cook pungent foods, like curries and heavily spiced items, a device like the Geeni Breathe XL can come in handy for helping clear the air in the kitchen quickly. Of course, there's nothing like the smell of fresh-baked bread coming from the kitchen. But if you tend to produce a lot of steam and smoke while cooking, an air purifier perfectly complements the range hood.

I'd argue that there's no room you could benefit from voice technology more so than the kitchen. And these Google Assistant products could be game-changers for your cooking routines. Note that if you don't like the default, you can actually change the Google Assistant voice so it matches your personality and cooking style. There are also some great smart kitchen gadgets and appliances that work with Wi-Fi, apps, and some with voice assistants that are worth adding to the mix.

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