The Galaxy S10 is aptly named because it is hugely popular. The phone is sold just about everywhere smartphones are sold, but unfortunately its popularity means true deals can be hard to find. We know you want Samsung's flagship device, and we know you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. These are the best options available today:

Best Galaxy S10 Deal $499.99

The Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB unlocked smartphone is on sale as low as $499.99 at Best Buy. This deal is available in Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism White, and Flamingo Pink. That's $350 off the regular price and $100 better than previous deals on Amazon. It's a fantastic offer, and if you've thought about upgrading to one of Android's best smartphones, today's the day.

Another option to save on the Galaxy S10 includes getting up to $650 off when you switch to Verizon and trade in your old phone. That can get you a brand new Galaxy S10 for as low as $250, which you'll pay for over the course of your contract.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB unlocked smartphone

Best Buy's offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 in various colors for as low as $499.99 when you purchase the unlocked device and activate it today on either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. Since it's unlocked, you'll still be able to switch carriers whenever you'd like.

$499.99 $900 $400 off

Best Galaxy S10e Deal $349.99

The Galaxy S10e is also on sale today. Save $400 on the phone by getting it for $349.99 instead of $750. That deal is available in all four different colors, or you can step up to the 256GB versions, on sale for $450 in every color.

Easy Money

Samsung Galaxy S10e smartphone

The Galaxy S10e goes for $750 at pretty much every retailer unlocked, and most major carriers charge the same amount over a 24-month billing period. Today the best deal is coming from Best Buy. You're saving $400 buying it unlocked, or you can upgrade to the higher 256GB capacity model and save $400 on it instead. You'll have to activate the device today to score this price, though it's unlocked so you can switch carriers whenever you choose.

$349.99 $750 $400 off

Best Galaxy S10+ Deal $599.99

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB smartphone is down to $599.99 from a regular cost of $1,000 in every color at Best Buy, though you'll have to activate it today on either AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon to score it at that low price. Meanwhile, the 512GB and 1TB models are heavily discounted there today as well.

Bigger and Better

Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone

Nearly every configuration of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is on sale at Best Buy today, so you can choose your favorite color and the storage capacity that's right for you at a great price. You'll need to activate the device today on either AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon to score this low price, though you'll be able to switch the phone's service to any compatible carrier you want afterwards since it's unlocked.

$599.99 $1000 $400 off

Best Lease Deal on a Galaxy S10 $10/month

Sprint is offering the latest Samsung Galaxy S10e in a variety of colors for only $10 per month when you sign up for an 18-month Flex lease. That means you would be paying just $180 over the course of your lease for the 128GB model with nothing due today. This deal does require approved credit and a new line of service; you should see a credit on your bill discounting the price of your lease within two months.

Best Price Yet

Samsung Galaxy S10e smartphone

Adding a new line of service and agreeing to an 18-month Flex lease at Sprint can score you the Samsung Galaxy S10e for just $10 monthly with a 128GB or 256GB capacity. There is a $100 up-front charge for the 256GB model, while there's no such fee for the 128GB version.

$10/month $31.25/month $382.50 off

How to get the best Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals

The Galaxy S10 is a flagship phone. That means it's pretty awesome, but that also means deals are going to be few and far between. It's just too popular. Unfortunately, unlocked phones are going to have the hardest problem with this since unlocked phones are already usually a bit more expensive than carrier-locked versions.

The nice thing about going through carriers is that they are always trying to outdo each other, so you can get awesome prices like $10 a month for the Galaxy S10e. We've also been keeping much closer tabs on carriers recently, so we've been able to spot some of those harder-to-spot deals like Verizon's $450 trade-in program. If you want more savings than the deals we've shared, the best suggestion I have for you is to give it a little bit more time. Android smartphones have a LOT of competition, and more competition means more deals.

We have in-depth reviews of the S10 and S10+ and the S10e. If you aren't sure which phone is right for you, you should definitely look at some our comparisons as well. While all three phones come in capacities that vary from 128GB to 512GB, chances are most deals now and into the future will focus on the 128GB versions. If you want a deal on a higher capacity, your best bet is finding a discount through one of the major carriers.

We have seen some deals on other popular Android smartphones released this year, including the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. And Verizon's deal for a $200 prepaid MasterCard applies to several different phones, including the G8, the Pixel 3, and more. Other smartphone deals we're keeping an eye on include the Pixel 3a, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and more.

Best Galaxy S10 accessories 2021

If you've still got the Samsung Galaxy S10, you should upgrade the accessories you use with your Samsung phone. From cases to chargers to mounts, grips, screen protectors, headphones, and more, there's a whole galaxy of accessories to explore, and as seasoned Galaxy travelers, we've got the low-down on which gear deserves to be a part of your Galaxy S10's all-star team-up.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid for Galaxy S10

Excellent protection: Spigen Neo Hybrid Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Case (2019) - Gunmetal

Staff Pick

It's hard to go wrong with a Spigen case, and one of our favorite series, the Neo Hybrid, was redesigned and replaced the old Herringbone texture with a new wavy texture that's supposed to offer even more grip. This case is still drop-dead awesome, and it comes in a two-toned black and gunmetal gray finish.

$14 at Amazon
Anccer case for Galaxy S10

Minimalist color pop: Anccer Ultra Thin Fit

I know there are some people out there who don't like to put a case on their brand new phone. To those people, I implore you to consider this ultra-thin case. It won't add any unnecessary bulk to your phone, but it will keep it safe from pocket scuffs and scratches — or worse. It's also available as a clear case or your choice of four colors to match your new phone or signature palette.

$12 at Amazon
Snakehive Leather Wallet case for Galaxy S10

All-in-one wallet case: Snakehive Leather Wallet

Wallet cases are always a great choice, but especially when they're made as well as Snakehive's. Made with genuine leather, you'll tell the difference you get when investing in a premium case for your S10. You can get the case in colors to match or complement the color of your new phone.

$38 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Perfect pairing: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the latest smartwatch offering from Samsung and is geared towards those with an "active" lifestyle. This thin and lightweight smartwatch manages to pack in multi-day battery life and sought-after features that include ECG monitoring, workout tracking, sleep tracking, and more — all controlled from your wrist.

Keep it charged: Samsung USB-C Fast Charging Adapter

Whether you've owned previous Samsung phones before or are buying a Galaxy phone for the first time, it's always nice to have a spare Samsung charging brick handy. This 15W wall adapter comes with matching USB-C cable and allows for adaptive fast charging speeds for your Galaxy S10.

Anker Powecore Slim 10000 Render Reco

Reliable portable power: Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 10,000mAh Battery Pack

Samsung has included a bigger battery with all of its S10 devices — but if you're a Pokémon Go player or generally a heavy smartphone user, you already know the value of a reliable and pocketable battery pack. Anker's PowerCore Slim 10000 battery pack is a good combination of portability while also packing enough battery power for multiple top-ups for your phone.

$22 at Amazon
Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charging Stand

Samsung's wireless charging pad: Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand

Samsung unveiled a brand new wireless charger alongside the Galaxy S10 back in 2019. Each propriety 15W charging stand features Fast Charge 2.0 and comes with a built-in fan for cooling. You get a Super Fast Charge 25W wall charger and a USB-C cable out of the box.

Elecjet 63W Total PD PPS Car Charger

Charge fast in the car: Elecjet 63W Total PD PPS Car Charger

The Elecjet Car Charger comes with the PPS protocol needed to Fast Charge Samsung phones. Moreover, it's really versatile as it can deliver 63W of charging speeds to compatible devices. This means you can also charge laptops or Chromebooks with the same USB Type-C charger.

$27 at Amazon
Iottie Easy One Touch 5 Car Mount

Mount your S10 in your car: iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dash Car Mount

The iOttie Easy One Touch 5 is the most popular car mount in the world, thanks to its durability and dependability. Position your phone at just about any angle you'd ever want, thanks to the Easy One Touch 5's telescoping, rotating mounting arm, which can be mounted to your car's dashboard or windshield.

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