Best USB-C cables for Raspberry Pi 4 in 2024

Raspberry Pi 4 Board Close
Raspberry Pi 4 Board Close (Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Electronics can be finicky. That's readily evident now that manufacturers are trying to use a standard "one size fits all" cable connector with USB C. The Raspberry Pi 4 isn't immune, either: if you have one, you'll want to make sure you have a cable that works when it comes time to power the board. We've put a list together and you can rest assured that any of these will get you up and running without any head-scratching over the power plug.

It's an E-Mark Thing

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Just when you thought buying USB cables was finally simple, another potential spoiler enters the fray: the E-Mark. High-end electronics need high-end cables and there's a high-end standard to tie everything together. Well, the Raspberry Pi Foundation made an oopsie! They didn't follow the standard.

You need a high-quality cable that isn't E-Marked like the Anker PowerLine III or any other on this list. That's because the Raspberry Pi 4 isn't wired in a way that an E-Marked cable can understand and there won't be any power applied when plugged into one. The Raspberry Pi Foundation says this will be corrected in future assemblies, but for every Raspberry Pi 4 on the shelves right now, you'll need to shop wisely. No matter which of these cables you choose, you'll need to make sure you pair it with one of the best USB-C power supplies to keep your Raspberry Pi chugging along.

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