Best Beat Saber Accessories 2022

Beat Saber Quest
Beat Saber Quest (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

It's no secret that Beat Saber is one of the single best games you can buy for your Oculus Quest 2 — or any other VR headset that you have, for that matter. With millions of copies sold, great official DLC, and even custom songs, it's hard to stop slicing blocks once you get started. While it's an amazing experience unto itself, the best Beat Saber accessories will have you cleaning up sweat far less often and spending more time enjoying the high-quality music, heart-pumping exercise, and addictive gameplay of Beat Saber instead.

Stay on beat

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With a good set of accessories and a strong will, you can now power through longer Beat Saber sessions without having to worry about cleaning up a sweaty mess afterward. Sweatbands are certainly the most important thing to get. This simple solution alone will help absorb all that latent energy coming from your body and keep that headset cleaner for the next person who wants to play — or, of course, to make that post-exercise clean-up a little less grueling.

For an upgraded experience, you could change out that facial interface with one of VR Cover's excellent PU-leather pads and aerated gaskets, which will help your skin breathe a bit easier while your heart is pumping. Don't forget a nice pair of headphones so you can enjoy the music to the fullest, either. Those built-in speakers on the Quest 2 are great, but nothing quite matches the audio fidelity of a good pair of cans.

Of course, the ultimate Beat Saber experience can be had with custom accessories, like the VBlades Beat Saber wands, which make it feel like you're actually holding the same lightsabers that you swing in the game. Now that's some deep immersion! Lastly, if you're looking for a longer-lasting experience, grabbing the Anker PowerCore battery pack will keep your Quest 2 powered for longer, and the Anker Charging Dock for Quest 2 will make sure you never begin playing with a low or dead battery again.

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