Best Android tablet deals August 2021: $190 Lenovo Tab P11, Tab S7 from $50, and more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus (Image credit: Samsung)

Finding decent Android tablet deals isn't so tough anymore, though finding a deal on one of the best tablets can be a bit more difficult. Of course, there are always opportunities to save on tablets even when it's not one of the biggest shopping events of the year like Black Friday or Prime Day. We're gathering all the best Android tablet deals and listing them right here to make saving on your next tablet simple.

With all the various Android tablets to choose from, you might be wondering which tablet is actually worth buying. We've created a few guides that can help you figure out which are the best of the best, from the best Android tablets to best Samsung tablets, and best Android tablets for students, though there are plenty more to consider as well. We're routinely updating the list below with the best tablet deals for all price points so you can find one that fits your budget.

Best Android tablet deals

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  • My favorite Android (o.k., "Android") tablet is the Lenovo Duet Chromebook. Every actual Android tablet I have purchased has been supported for *maybe* one OS update. The Chromebook gives me more flexibility and will get updates until 2028.
  • I agree, just got a Duet and I'm blown away by how useful it is with and without the keyboard. The hardware quality is fantastic and so is Chrome OS in desktop or tablet mode.
  • Why no 8" tablets? 10" tablets are a pain to hold in one hand. The Yoga Smart tab with a cylinder battery is the best Android tablet out right now.
  • Android tablets are stia thing? A
    Seriously Android tablets are dead. The iPad pretty much killed Android tablets.
  • The Tab A has a magnetometer giving a compass plus great GPS in a tab for $200. It's a great extra value for drone ,mapping and location logistics. But get the 64gb version not the 32. Home to 6 iPads and 2 Droid tabs.
  • where is the "s7 from $130" at? lowest i see is $199 with eligible trade in.
  • Read again...they are saying you can get it for that price from Samsung after you trade in devices...which is a pointless statement because most of these from samsung can be had far cheaper with trade ins.
  • No surprise that the Tab S7 plus is the best Android tablet you can get and I'm glad I have one, best tablet I've ever had and best software I've ever used and can't wait to use DEX when I get the keyboard and case.
  • Lol you're all over the place man... 5 months ago you're wondering how Android tablets could still be a thing and the iPad kills all Android tablets, then 3 months later you're praising the S7+ and so glad you have one, etc... Dude, make up your mind lol or just stop talking so much crap because you're bound to make yourself look like a hypocrite, as you've done here numerous times
  • I just bought the Galaxy Tab S7+ along with the Book Cover Keyboard case on sale about 3 weeks ago. One of the best tablets you can buy. Just don't pay full price if you can. This thing is expensive! But we'll worth it. I'm glad they have these deals to save some money. Especially with all the new tech coming down the pipe.