Android Central's Best Android Phones June 2011

It's that time again. Android Central's Top 10 Android Phones Report ranks the popularity of the best Android Phones over the past 30 days as determined by our proprietary algorithm which compiles data from across the AC community and beyond (Lloyd invented the system and gave it his blessing).

Basically, it goes like this: We look at what phones you're visiting the site with, and searching for. And what phones you're searching for in our store. What phones you're talking about. What phone you have sitting next to you while you sleep. If your phone didn't make the cut this month, it's OK. We still love your phone. And we still love you. You just need to click on more stories try a little harder for next month, is all.

So check out the list below to learn more about what's popular in the Android Universe!

Android Central

Verizon ThunderBolt
by HTC
The ThunderBolt remains our top device for the month, even as it continues to wait for its Gingerbread update.

Sprint EVO 4G
by HTC
A recent price drop and solid hardware keep the EVO 4G high on the list for another month.

AT&T Inspire 4G
by HTC
Moves up a spot from the previous month, showing that a top-tier Android phone can do well on AT&T.
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Verizon Droid Incredible 2
by HTC
A minor increase over last year's model is proving enough to bump it up a few notches on this month's list.

Verizon Droid X
by Motorola
That the Droid X hasn't been supplanted by its successor yet shows just how many were sold over the past year.

Verizon Droid Incredible
by HTC
The original DInc is holding on -- but how much longer before it gets edged out?

Verizon Droid Charge
by Samsung
The second LTE phone on our list, the Droid Charge finds itself moving up two spots since last month.

Verizon Droid
by Motorola
The Android phone that really started it all is starting its slide toward obsolescence, dropping a spot on our list.

Sprint EVO 3D
by HTC
The first 3D phone in the United States makes its first showing on our list. We expect it to gain ground fast.

AT&T Infuse 4G
by Samsung
The biggest smartphone available -- it's 4.5 inches! -- anchors the bottom of this month's list.