The Best and Most Unique Skins For Samsung Galaxy S8

You love your Galaxy S8, but you don't love how bulky and boring cases can be. Using a skin with your Galaxy S8 is a low-maintenance option that can also allow you to express yourself with different designs, patterns, colors, and styles.

If you're looking for some of the more unique skins for your Samsung Galaxy S8 — that still do a good job at protecting your phone and are high-quality — then here are a few that you might want to consider!

Skinit Leopard Galaxy S8 skin

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If you're someone who loves the alluring look of a classic leopard print, but still wants a slim, trim, super-sleek skin for their Samsung Galaxy S8, then we recommend taking a peek at the Skinit Leopard Galaxy S8 skin.

The Skinit Leopard Galaxy S8 skin is made from a premium 3M vinyl that sticks securely to your Galaxy S8 with little to no hassle. It's vibrant, eye-catching design is detailed and striking, showing off you and your Galaxy S8's true colors — er, I mean spots — to the world.

This particular skin covers only the back of the device, and you can pick it up for around $15. (It even comes in hot-pink leopard spots too if you're feeling daring enough!)

See at Skinit

dbrand Galaxy S8 Zebra Wood skin

High-quality materials? Check. Unique wood design? Check. Easy to install? Check. Worth checking (sorry) out? Check!

The dbrand Galaxy S8 Zebra Wood skin is an accessory for your Galaxy S8 that promises not to leave behind any sticky, disgusting residue that might ruin the look and feel of your phone. Before dbrand launched its wraps, it went through over 1,000 prototyping interactions, making sure that it fit the Samsung Galaxy S8 flawlessly.

We're the only company in the world to use authentic 3M materials on every single skin you see – from Concrete to Carbon Fiber. (dbrand)

You can pick up the dbrand Galaxy S8 Zebra Wood skin in a variety of different finishes, but their most striking ones are their wood series that ranges in everything from Mahogany, to Zebra Wood, to Bamboo finishes.

You can pick up your dbrand Galaxy S8 Zebra Wood skin for around $10.

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DecalGirl Retro Horizontal skin

The DecalGirl Retro Horizontal skin is the perfect Samsung Galaxy S8 skin if you want to turn your phone into a vintage gaming controller.

This skin goes for around $8 and promises to be super simple to install with little to no bubbles, folds, or ripples in the skin itself, and when you're tired of the design, a gunk-free removal is key: and the DecalGirl Retro Horizontal skin promises to not mess up your Galaxy S8!

This particular design is part of a retro collection that's being featured on DecalGirl, so if you want you can add other cool, vibrant, retro designs like Tetris, tie-dye, and so much more!

See at DecalGirl

Samsung Galaxy S8 Signature Gold Mirror skin

Easy to install with an incredibly unique and eye-catching design, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Signature Gold Mirror skin is a $16 skin option that'll add a little optical illusion fun to your Galaxy S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Signature Gold Mirror skin promises a bubble-free, simple installation, which is key for accessories like this (you want as little hassle as possible!). The skin is designed not only with a back design, but front protection as well around the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S8 in a pattern that flawlessly matches the back.

This particular skin promises superior scratch protection, and if you want, you can even add a screen protector to your order for a little bit of extra security for your phone.

See at EasySkinz (opens in new tab)

Skinit Diamond Red Glitter Galaxy skin

When in doubt, just add glitter.

No, seriously: just add a little bit of glitter to your life with the Skinit Diamond Red Glitter Galaxy skin and you'll be sparklin' all day long!

This skin will provide a thin, reliable and durable layer of protection to your Samsung Galaxy S8 while still making your phone glimmer through any tough situation. Plus the Skinit Diamond Red Glitter Galaxy skin is cheaper than sticking actual diamonds to your phone — you can pick it up for around $15.

The Skinit Diamond Red Glitter Galaxy skin is made from 3M vinyl that promises to be easy to install and cut and crafted for full access to your phone's camera, buttons, and ports. It also comes in a couple of other colors, too!

See at Skinit

Slickwraps Hero Series for Galaxy S8

If you're a big fan of Wonder Woman, Thor, Iron Man, or even villains like the Joker, Skeletor, and Darth Vader, then we recommend checking out Slickwrap's sick skin designs for your Galaxy S8!

My personal favorite designs come from the hero series, as the orange and blue colors from the Iron Man skin are totally unique, bright, and super vibrant, but you can also check out their Helmetica Series (opens in new tab) that feature heros like Starlord, Baymax, and Wolverine, the Galactic Series (opens in new tab) that features characters like Yoda and Boba Fett, or their Anamalactic Series (opens in new tab) that feature more incredible designs from artist Justin Maller of panthers, owels, bears, and more.

These particular skins are available in both a gloss or a matte finish and are made in the USA. Slickwraps promises 360 degrees of ultra-thin, super durable protection, so you won't have to worry about your Samsung Galaxy S8 getting dinged up and scratched.

You can pick up the Slickwraps Hero Series for Galaxy S8 for around $25.

See at Slickwraps (opens in new tab)

What's your favorite skin for your Samsung Galaxy S8?

Is there a particular brand or style of skin that you (or your Samsung Galaxy S8) couldn't possibly live without?

Let us know what your top picks are in the comments below and we'll be sure to check them out!

Cella Lao Rousseau
  • I just want something that adds a bunch of grip and almost no bulk. Is that so much to ask?
  • Not a skin, but you should try Peel Case for the S8.
  • Dbrand. Black Dragon adds a ton of grip, and I've had the same effects with the Hyperblack Titanium and the Matte Black on my S8 as well. And they're cheap.
  • Apparently it is, I am after the exact same thing and cannot find it!
  • Used the dBrand wood grain skin while I had the s7e and loved it.
    On my s8 I have Slickwraps Galactic series on and again very high quality and provides great protection from scratches. Nice product but I can't explain why but I like dBrand skins better and will likely go back to them for the Note 8. Much better assortment in the Slickwraps line up though.
  • I've tried the Slickwraps Chrome skin for the S7 but it was crap. The thing was poorly cut. I swear by dbrand. And I've gone through a bunch of them. The marble and mahogany skins both look amazing on Galaxy phones. I've used both and I'm now back to the matte black skin ('cause I always end up being fed up with non-black devices).
  • My S8+ is wearing the dbrand Black Dragon skin. I love the look and feel -- a far better grip than the naked device. Edit: Yes, the fit is perfect.
  • Slickwraps Hero Series for Galaxy S wow this really good..
  • dbrand is the only way to go..rockin the Black Dragon on my 8
  • Hmm, wonder if they make a perfectly clear one...
  • BestSkinsEver. They make perfectly clear full body skins in glossy or matte finishes. I usually put just the back one on and the camera. Cases still work with them and you don't have to worry about debris getting in between the phone and case potentially scratching it.
  • Yes, those would be perfect. Unfortunately the most recent HTC skin they make is for the M9 :(